Academic Advising Central

For students with declared majors

Academic advising of declared majors is performed by full-time WCSU faculty. Each department advises its own students. In some departments, students are assigned to specific advisors, whereas in others students are free to meet with any of the faculty.

Goals of Academic Advising

  1. Help advisees explore degree and career goals
  2. Guide advisees toward satisfactory completion of degree requirements
  3. Review academic performance and help connect advisees with appropriate campus resources

What is academic advising?

It is the process by which university faculty and staff help guide students toward successful and timely completion of your college degree. Although course selection and registration are important components of academic advising, advising is an opportunity for students and advisors to discuss many other aspects of university life that are critical to student success, including educational opportunities, support services, and career paths.

Who is my academic advisor?

If you are a current student, then you have an academic advisor.  When you learn how to access your WestConnduit account, you will be able to see who your advisor is (as well as access all kinds of useful information).  If you have declared a major, then you will be advised by a faculty member in your department. If you have not declared a major, you are considered an exploratory student and will be advised by a professional staff member in the Academic Advisement Center.

When should i see my advisor?

You should see your advisor at least once a semester to tell him/her about your experiences and plans, and to discuss and receive approval for course selection for the following semester.  In addition, you should see your advisor whenever you have questions about your major, need help accessing university resources, or are struggling academically.

Why should i bother to see my advisor?

Two main reasons.  First, your advisor can help ensure that you are making appropriate progress toward your degree (so you can graduate on time). Second, you’ll need your advisor’s approval before you can register for classes.

How do i contact my advisor?

Assuming you know who it is (see above), check the university directory on the WCSU home page, or look him or her up on the department webpage. Phone calls and email both work well.  If you can’t get a hold of your advisor, contact the department secretary.  You can find out who this is on the department web page as well.

However, during the summer months, many faculty members are traveling, doing research, or otherwise not on campus. When you want to talk to someone about classes or your program, start by contacting the secretary for your department.  You will be able to find out who is available to answer your questions. Department chairs are often available, and the university now has designated summer faculty advisors ready to help. Designated summer faculty advisors and their office hours can be found at the Admissions webpage.