Academic Advising Central

Advisee Responsibilities

What Good Student Advisees Do

  • Take responsibility for your education
  • Know who your advisor is
  • Talk to your advisor frequently
  • Know your course/major/program requirements
  • Think ahead, plan ahead
  • Know what classes to take
  • Make and keep appointments with your advisor
  • Come prepared
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to see your advisor
  • Return calls/emails
  • Follow through
  • Can do a degree audit

What To Expect From Your Advisor

  • Knows advisees
  • Knows course/major/program requirements
  • Is interested in students
  • Listens to students
  • Is in office during office hours
  • Keeps appointments
  • Offers sound advice and guidance
  • Helps students access university resources
  • Knows answers or how to get them
  • Returns calls/emails
  • Follows through
  • Can do a degree audit