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Academic Advising Central

The Advising Process

Before the Meeting



  • Make an appointment by calling or emailing the professor, or go to posted office hours
  • Identify requirements you have and have not completed
  • Have plan for finishing requirements and graduating
  • Create proposed schedule using Open/Close
  • Know your registration date

  • Contact advisees to schedule meetings
  • Be reasonably available  at key times
  • Be familiar with advisee coursework and progress
  • Know relevant curriculum and registration changes
  • Have access to Open/Close, WestConnduit, program sheets, PINS, etc.


During the Meeting



  • Discuss academic progress
  • Articulate short- and long-term goals
  • Provide reasons for course selections
  • Clarify questions or concerns
  • Solidify schedule and establish alternative courses (if needed)

  • Discuss academic progress
  • Conduct degree audit/check program sheet Probe advisee’s short- and long-term goals
  • Offer appropriate guidance
  • Alert students to potential problems with plan for finishing requirements and graduating


After the Meeting



  • Register
  • Notify advisor of registration problems or schedule changes
  • Keep updated program sheet and/or degree audit

  • Keep record of the meeting
  • Follow-up as needed