“Dorothea’s Tears – The State of Mental Health Care in America”: Wednesday, Oct. 30

WCSU Alumni Nursing Society and the Alumni Association invites you to a special event:

The viewing of “Dorothea’s Tears – The State of Mental Health Care in America,” a film by Keith Maciog and Geer Teng at 4 p.m. on Wednesday,  Oct. 30, in the Midtown Campus Center Auditorium. Following the documentary showing (running time 45minutes) there will be a Q and A session, as well as a reception.

Synopsis of the documentary: For over 50 years, America has been shutting down its state mental hospitals. The movement known as “deinstitutionalization” was intended to normalize the mentally ill and integrate them into the community. However, while once they were cared for by the states, the severely mentally ill are ending up in our nation’s prisons, on our city streets, and in county morgues. Few small towns in our nation better symbolize the problems with the mental health system than Newtown, CT – site of the former Fairfield Hills State  Hospital and of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. This film documents those who have worked (and currently work) in the trenches of the mental health system, and those who have felt the impact of a system that many have dubbed a “failure”. 

Dorthea Dix

this event is free and open to the public.  Please RSVP through the Office of Alumni Relations at  (203) 837-8298  or Faculty if you are having your class come to the event please contact the Alumni Relations office to provide a count of students attending.