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Online Tutoring

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), beginning March 24th, all tutoring at WCSU will be online. Academic Support Centers including the Ancell Commons are working together to ensure that all Western students receive the academic assistance they need. 

The Ancell Commons is dedicated to helping every student enrolled in Justice and Law Administration, and Business and related courses (ECO 211 and 213 and MAT 118). Online tutoring is a resource designed to serve you as classes are conducted remotely.

Online tutoring is available to all WCSU students.

How do I join a WebEx meeting with my tutor?

Instructions for Ancell Commons Tutoring:   

  1. Make an appointment through a WCONLINE account or create a new account simply by clicking the icons below or visiting Tutoring Homepage.
  2. The Ancell Commons will send a confirmation email to your WCSU email verifying your online appointment.
  3. A few minutes before your appointment is to begin, login to WCONLINE and click the meeting room link to join the tutoring session.
  4. Enter your name and email address when asked.
  5. Allow use of audio, microphone and video
  6. The chat box will allow you to chat with your tutor if the connection is slow.


Important Updates to our Policies:


  • Students may schedule appointments with as little as 10 minutes notice.
  • Students may cancel appointments with as little as 15 minutes notice.
  • Students may select up to 90 minutes of tutoring per day, 3 times per week.
  • Please note, that by entering an online tutoring appointment, WCSU students agree to be recorded for quality control purposes. 


All tutoring is FREE to students enrolled at WCSU.

Students will have to register for a WCOnline - Ancell Commons account if they are first time users. If you have an existing account, you will need to update your profile with your new email address.

If you have any problems using WebEx, please contact RequestIT@wcsu.edu.

If you have trouble accessing tutor services, please contact Ancell Commons Coordinator, Elise Budnick at budnicke@wcsu.edu.

Need further online help?

WebEX: Click here to watch a YouTube video that better describes WebEx's features and how to setup an account.
Library Resources:  Click here to learn more about online resources available to you!


Tips about Online Learning: 

Please download our Top 15 Tips sheet (by clicking the arrow below) to get more information about how be successful in your online classes.