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The Gallery at the
Visual & Performing Arts Center

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Exhibition Schedule
ON VIEW: 5 February - 5 March

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Participating Artists

Robert Alberetti
Mary Lou Alberetti
Gulgun Aliriza
Olof Aspelin
Vincent Baldassano
Meghan Balliett
Michael Barberie
Karen Bartone
Katie Bassett
David Blackett
David Bradford
Riley Brewster
David Boyajian
Antonio Carvalho
Dave Cerne
Leslie Cober-Gentry
Shona Curtis
Betsy B. Davidson
Cara De Angelis
Haig Demarjian
Mike Dubois
Bruce Dunbar
Lindsey Dunlap
Chris Durante
Jim Felice

David Ferreira
Joan Fitzsimmons
Joe Fucigna
Andres Garces
Kerri Gaudelli
Bryn Gillette
Doris Granoff Kaye
James Grashow
Margret Grimes
Lys Guillorn
Christine Hartman
David Haslip
Xenia Hodza
Bibiana Huang-Mattheis
Kathleen Jacobs
Keith Johnson
Tiffany Johnson
Jilaine Jones
Kahn & Selesnick
Mary Kenealy
Louise W. King
Richard Klein
Stacey Kolbig
Mitche Kunzman
Jurg Lanzrein

Nancy Lasar
Ed Little
Chris London
Catherine Lucia
Ross MacDonald
Karin Mansburg
Barbara Mansilla
Megan Marden
Sabrina Marques
Mary Anne McCarthy
Elizabeth MacDonald
Thomas Mezzonotte
Adam Miller
John Pindyck Miller
Jill Nichols
Plonia Nixon
Peter O’Brien
Greg Orfanos
Ben Parker
Vito Pasquale
Francis T. Patnaude
Justin Daniel Perlman
Peri Pfenninger
Marjorie Portnow
Abbie Rabinowitz

Lori Robeau
Stephen Rodriquez
Karen Roff
Jim Rohan
Margaret Roleke
Bonnie Rose Sullivan
Jill Sarver
Mark Savoia
Ken Scaglia
Elyse Shapiro
David Skora
Corinne Speidel
Peggy Stewert
Ival Stratford-Kovner
Eileen Tavolacci
Kelly Taylor
Jim Timmins
Jack Tom
Catherine Vanaria
Yuri Vaschenko
Dayna Wenzel
Cynthia Whalen
Marina White
Judith Wyer
Tony Zatzick

Procedure for the Off-the-Wall Drawing:

  • The drawing begins promptly at 5 p.m. on March 7th in the Art Gallery, 2nd floor VPAC
  • The 100 qualified ticket holders names will be placed in a box
  • Names will be drawn randomly from the box and at that time individuals will be able to select an artwork off the wall
  • All ticket holders must be present at the time of the drawing
  • You may choose to send a proxy in your place
  • If you are not present when your name is called, your turn will be suspended until all other ticket holders have made their selection and in the order your name was previously called you will then be able to choose from the remaining artworks

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