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Illustration Program

Illustration, a form of visual communication, uses artistic techniques to effectively convey ideas for a specific use.

Through studio and digital coursework, the Illustration program at Western Connecticut State University builds a student's proficiency in drawing and media-based skills, creativity in concepts and problem solving. Our faculty works with the strengths of each student to help position them in a communications industry that is ever changing and alive with opportunity.

Our Illustration program prepares students to work as professionals, giving them a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to succeed. Illustration classes prepare students through challenging assignments for the editorial, advertising, book, continuous art, and industrial markets. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree balances imagination and individual expression with continual refinement of skills in drawing, painting, and design. Alumni of our program have become successful in the following illustration areas: children's books, graphic novels, magazines, advertising, and computer-generated images.

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