Department of Art

Undergraduate Program

BA in Visual Art

Western Connecticut State University’s visual arts curriculum incorporates a structure consistent with C.A.A. guidelines, based on classic design principles inspired by the Bauhaus and through exploration of traditional and emerging media. The areas of concentration are Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Studio Arts-Painting. Each option’s objective is to develop technical knowledge and expertise appropriate to each medium. All areas of emphasis share a common two-year foundation program leading into the technical specializations of the final two years. This foundation program is of critical significance as it instills in each student a comprehensive background in aesthetic form, structure and dynamics. Additionally, our students have the opportunity to participate in professional internships and the annual Senior Thesis Exhibition.

The liberal arts component is vital; it promotes and develops a set of skills that are of fundamental importance to any citizen and critical for the successful artist or designer. These include the ability to think critically, the development and refinement of verbal and writing skills, and the acquisition of a diverse and extensive visual vocabulary and knowledge base.

This combination of professional artistic training and acquired liberal arts skills enables visual artists to successfully develop, create and articulate their creative visual dialogues.

Department of Art faculty are professional practitioners who are recognized and accomplished in their fields of expertise. In the classroom, they encourage experimentation, nurture creativity and cultivate independence of thought. Gallery Talks and Visiting Artist Lectures feature an impressive array of Artists, Illustrators, Curators, Gallerists and Critics. Department bus trips provide opportunities for students to visit galleries and museums in Manhattan and surrounding areas each semester.

Prospective Art students are encouraged to spend an Art Shadow Day following the schedule of a current WCSU Art student. An Art Shadow Day provides the opportunity to sit in on art classes and critiques, view a gallery exhibition, meet our faculty and current art students and get a feel for campus life.

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