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Ancell School of Business

Ancell School of Business

Ancell Commons Helps Graduate Students too!


Has it been a while since you took Basic Financial Accounting or Business Statistics?  Need a bit of refresher? 
Let our Ancell Commons tutors help work through the fuzzy areas to connect the dots between class lectures and concept application.

Where can you find us?
The Ancell Commons, located in the Westside Campus Classroom Bldg. Suite 433, inside the Robert S. Young library.
How does it work?
Currently, we offer ‘ACC- GRAD Refresher’ and ‘FIN – GRAD Refresher’  as well as the Presentation Practice Center on our Fall 2020 Tutoring Schedule.
In order to secure a time with one of the peer educators you will need to create an account (if you are a first time user) and an appointment through our scheduling portal and follow the instructions below.




To create an account and/or sign up for an appointment, visit www.wcsu.edu/alc

1. Once on this homepage click on the orange button labeled ‘appointments’ which will direct you to our online scheduling portal (MyWCOnline).

If this is your first time using our services, simply press ‘register for an account’ above the log-in. Fill out our registration form with your WCSU email (@wcsu.edu) and remember when creating a password (10 characters or more) and something you will remember.

2. Log-in with your WCSU email and password.

3. Once logged on, the main Tutoring Fall 2020 schedule will appear. First, go to the drop-down menu at the top labeled ‘please select your course’ and then select one of the following:

     For Accounting help, select ‘ACC – GRAD Refresher’ 
     For Finance help, select ‘FIN – GRAD Refresher’ 
     For Presentation Practice, select ‘Presentation Feedback’ 


4. Once selected, the portal will generate the possible tutors and time slots for the current week. If you are wanting to view or make an appointment for future weeks, press ‘next week’ at the top of the screen.  Then click on any of the white spaces that match your availability to create an appointment.  Appointments can be booked up to 2 weeks ahead of time.

5. A new window will appear with our appointment form, please fill this out with as many details as possible and then press ‘create appointment’  at the bottom when completed.

You are all set! Please arrive on time for your appointment at the Ancell Commons which is located in Westside Classroom Building, Suite 433, nestled inside the Young library.

    • You will also receive an email or text message from us with an appointment reminder closer to the start time.
    • If needing to cancel your appointment, simply log back in, then click on your appointment in yellow, and at the bottom of the appointment form press ‘cancel appointment.’

Any questions or concerns? 

Please feel free to email us directly at http://budnicke@wcsu.eduor call the Ancell Commons’ Coordinator, Elise Budnick at (203) 837-8567.  We are happy to help!