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Ancell School of Business

Ancell School of Business

Make a Difference in a Student’s Life with a Campus Refferal

At Ancell, the main focus is always helping students achieve their fullest potential, improve the quality of their life, and successfully meet the challenges of college.

And as higher education professionals, we do our best to make sensitive referrals’ to students and provide them with on-campus resources, guiding them to trained WCSU professionals (like counselors) and the appropriate offices.

Let us help you in these referrals by utilizing a Quick Reference Card which specifically outlines names and numbers of important contacts throughout WCSU. Click HERE to download and print.

For physical tent cards, please email Ancell Commons Coordinators’ Elise Budnick (at budnicke@wcsu.edu) or Kara Swenson (at swensonk@wcsu.edu) for copies in your department mailbox.