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Ancell School of Business

Ancell School of Business : Justice & Law Administration


In each of the last several years JLA graduates the largest number of students in any major in the University and their diverse careers often mirror what they studied at WCSU. For example,

  • Alison Healey (WCSU 2004) went from JLA to Harvard Law School and is now a lawyer with the U.S. Department of Justice. 
  • Sharmese Hodge (WCSU 2001)is an Assistant State Prosecutor in the Danbury Judicial District. 
  • Maureen Baird (WCSU 1988) is currently Warden at the Federal Correction Institution in Danbury, CT. 
  • Sean Abbott (WCSU 1991) is a Special Agent in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, with responsibility for Europe, Asia and Africa. 
  • Dr. George Kain (WCSU 1985) is not only a JLA grad, but a highly regarded professor in our program. 

We are proud of the many federal, state and local law enforcement officers who have studied and graduated from our program, as well as the vast numbers of lawyers and many public servants who made JLA their college home.

Over fifty percent of our graduates report continuing formal education post-JLA.   Surveys also reflect our graduates in such professions as the corrections services, private security management, miscellaneous federal agencies, rehabilitative services, probation, arson investigation, emergency services, psychotherapy/counseling and education.