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Evidence of Student Learning (from NECHE Self-Study Guide)

Some Methods that Provide Direct Evidence of Student Learning

  • Locally developed tests
  • Standardized tests
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • Essay tests blind scored across units
  • Internal juried review of student projects
  • External juried review of student projects
  • Externally reviewed internships
  • Performance on national licensure examinations
  • Student work samples
  • Collections of student work (e.g., Portfolios)
  • Course-embedded assessment
  • Observations of student behavior

Some Methods that Provide Indirect Evidence of Student Learning

  • Alumni, employer, student surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Exit interviews with graduates
  • Graduate follow-up studies
  • Percentage of students who go on to graduate school
  • Retention and transfer studies
  • Job placement statistics

Methods that do NOT Provide Evidence of Student Learning

  • Faculty publications (unless students are involved)
  • Courses selected or elected by students
  • Faculty/student ratios
  • Percentage of students who study abroad
  • Enrollment trends
  • Percentage of students who graduate within five to six years
  • Diversity of the student body
  • Size of endowment
  • Number of books in the library

Source: New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)