Assessment Information

Assessment Committee

Purpose of Committee
To ensure that the University fully develops and implements an ongoing, systematic program for the assessment of student learning outcomes, which includes but is not limited to setting educational and student development goals; gathering and interpreting information and evidence to demonstrate whether students are reaching such goals; and using such evidence for improvement of student learning.

Objectives, Responsibilities, and Powers of Assessment Committee 

  1. To advise the University Senate and Provost/ Vice President for Academic Affairs on assessment matters and assessment quality;
  2. To work with the University Senate to establish Institutional Outcomes and the appropriate assessment thereof;
  3. To facilitate assessment programs on an institutional, school, and program level;
  4. To coordinate assessment efforts with other standing committees of the University Senate (General Education, UPBC, Student Life, etc.)
  5. To maintain records of current assessment activities at the University in an accessible electronic format;
  6. To promote ongoing assessment of Student Learning Outcomes information;
  7. To coordinate assessment events for sharing of assessment strategies and results;
  8. To coordinate with the NECHE Compliance Officer each February to assure the assessment processes at the university meet the needs of NECHE accreditation.

Assessment Committee Minutes

Minutes – 2023

Minutes – 2022

Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes 2-23-22

Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes 3-23-22

Assessment Committee Meeting minutes 4-27-2022

Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes 10-12-22 

Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes 11-09-22 

To view archived Assessment Committee meeting minutes please contact the Chair of the Assessment Committee.