MS in Integrative Biological Diversity


Current course offerings:

A designation of “T” indicates technology Course

BIO 505     Stewardship Seminar1 SH
BIO 506     Applied Stewardship2 SH
BIO 504     Limnology3 SH
BIO 516     Current Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology3 SH
BIO 530     Population Genetics (T)3 SH
BIO 531     Molecular Evolution (T)3 SH
BIO 535     Advanced Molecular Biology (T)3 SH
BIO 536     Molecular Oncology3 SH
BIO 537 Molecular Endocrinology 3 SH
BIO 538     Molecular Mechanisms of Animal Development3 SH
BIO 539     Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes (T)3 SH
BIO 540     Aquatic Vascular Plants4 SH
BIO 543     Stream Ecology4 SH
BIO 545     Advanced Systematic Biology3 SH
BIO 551     Soil Ecology3 SH
BIO 555     Environmental Physiology (T)3 SH
BIO 556     Herpetology4  SH
BIO 560     Behavioral Ecology3 SH
BIO 565     Topics in Animal Behavior3 SH
BIO 592     Independent Thesis Research1-6 SH
BIO 598     Faculty-Developed Study1-4 SH
BIO 599     Student-Developed Study1-6 SH

Additional graduate courses available at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) Department of Biology and the SCSU Department of Environment, Geography, and Marine Sciences:

BIO 501      Conservation Ecology (SCSU)3 SH
BIO 502      Community and Population Ecology (SCSU)3 SH
BIO 518      Advanced Microbiology (SCSU)3 SH
BIO 527   Analytical Technology / Instrumentation (SCSU course)3 SH
BIO 522   Ecosystems and Environmental Concerns (SCSU course)3 SH
BIO 544   Readings and Research in Environmental Concerns (SCSU course)3 SH
BIO 550   Environmental Design (SCSU course)3 SH
BIO 559    Energy Use and Global Climate Change (SCSU course)3 SH
BIO 542   Long Island Sound (SCSU course)3 SH