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Congratulations to WCSU Biology undergraduate students Emily Hoegler, Jacob Bethin, and Molly McMahon, and to WCSU Biology MS student Kelly Nealon, whose excellence in student research was recognized at yesterday’s Western Research Day (WRD) awards ceremony. These students were each awarded the Provost’s Prize for outstanding WRD research presentations, and Emily and Jacob also each received the WCSU Sigma Xi Chapter’s Student Research Award! WAY TO GO! We also extend hearty congrats to ALL the biology students who presented their research projects this week at WRD. We know WCSU Biology students are great, and it makes us so proud to see them represented and recognized beyond the walls of the Science Building. Great job, everyone! We look forward to seeing what you do next

Emily Hoegler 

BS Biology

Jacob Bethin

BS Biology

Molly McMahon

BS Biology

Kelly Nealon

MS Integrated Biological Diversity