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Olivia Kelly Sosnoski

Sosnoski enrolled at WCSU as a Biology/Pre-Med major. She applied for and received financial aid, commuted from her grandmother’s house and worked the entire time she was in school. She also found time to join the WCSU Women’s Volleyball Team and Swimming & Diving Team, where she loved the camaraderie with her coach and teammates. What she enjoyed even more was getting patient care experience as an undergraduate.

Sosnoski said that opportunities like the one at Yale, coupled with the support of the WCSU Biology Department, made a major impact on her studies. “The small student-to-faculty ratio at WCSU was highly influential in my success,” she said. “I was always asking questions, utilizing the faculty office hours. The resources and knowledge in that department are amazing and surprisingly underrated. So many professors just go out of their way to be encouraging and make you feel supported.”

After graduating in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Sosnoski re-enrolled as a graduate student in WCSU’s Master of Science in Addiction Studies program, from which she graduated in 2021. She was hired by Bristol Myers Squib as a Clinical Research Coordinator conducting leukemia research at Yale New Haven’s Smilow Cancer Hospital.

Now in her first semester of medical school, Sosnoski said courses like “Molecular Basis of Disease” that she took at WCSU totally prepared her. “The genetics and cell biology I had as an undergraduate student are areas I am able to review now as opposed to learning about them for the first time,” she said.

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