Student Spotlight

Charlee Cordle

My name is Charlee Cordle, and I am a senior here at WCSU studying Biology. I had the exciting opportunity of going to Greece this summer to learn about the history of Macedon and Thrace! We visited countless museums, theaters, and sanctuaries, hearing from experienced guest speakers in addition to the expertise of the trip leaders. It was astonishing to visit the burial mounds of Phillip II of Macedon (although there’s speculation that it was Phillip III) at the Museum of the Royal tombs of Aigai and the exorbitant wealth that royalty and upper-class citizens were honored with in the afterlife. I also loved visiting the marble quarries on Thasos and how this marble was coveted because the larger-sized crystals gave it a shinier appearance. The Wiener Lab at the American School of Classical Studies was particularly interesting to me as a biologist because of the work that they’re doing to explore the skeletal remains, fauna, ceramics, and geography of ancient Greece. This experience broadened my horizons as a person as well as professionally and increased my appreciation of the cradle of Western Civilization!

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