TITLE:  Lead Student Associate – Game Room



In addition to the duties and responsibilities listed in the barista’s position description, this position is responsible to:

  1. Ensure the overall appearance of the Game Room is kept up

  2. Report any issues or concerns to their supervisors

  3. Keep bulletin boards organized in that room

  4. Request items and  inventory needed

  5. Plans, coordinates and administers event programs.  At least 2 programs a semester must be ran by this employee with assistance from the Midtown Graduate Intern.

  6. Supervise Game Room associates

  7. Performs other duties as assigned


SUPERVISION: Operations Manager and Midtown Graduate Intern


It’s more than a Job:  Part of the mission of Campus & Student Centers is to enhance the educational program by providing opportunities for student development through employment.  All student manager/supervisor positions have the same core competencies and learning objectives.  Those documents are an integral part of this position description.  This position will emphasize: