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Get an Internship: Apply Today!

Get an Internship: Apply Today!

Requirements: 45 Credits, 2.0 GPA Minimum, Declared Major, Resume

Cooperative Education Internship Program


The Cooperative Education Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to get career-related experience in their academic field, while receiving credit and usually a salary. Cooperative Education Internships can be done on a full or part-time basis, although the student must be a full-time matriculated student. The Cooperative Education Internship Program is open to students who have completed 45 credits and are in good academic standing. All majors are eligible to apply for the program. Although cooperative education internships are usually on a one-semester basis, students can be eligible for additional cooperative education internships.

Employers frequently use the Cooperative Education Internship Program as a recruiting tool, and many students are offered positions following completion of their assignment.

Please attach completed application and e-mail to ciarleglioa@wcsu.edu after scheduling internship application appointment