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If interested in attending any of our workshops or events, we suggest you register here. To do so, please follow these instructions:

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Career Success 101 – Once you get a job in a new company, what steps can you take to fit in well?  Will what worked in your old company, work in the new one?  Come learn some strategies you can use to be sure you do well?

Getting Hired – Finding a job can be a full-time job in itself. It takes the average person two to 10 months to find employment. Come learn how to have a powerful online job search and easy steps to take that can cut your job search time in half.

Interviews – Learn basic interview types, and how to prepare for each. We will discuss the importance of S.T.A.R. stories and how to answer difficult questions with confidence. Training will also include how to navigate the Interview part of Optimal Resume and why it is important to your preparation.


"Designing Your Life" – Designers create worlds and solve problems using design thinking. Why not use this concept to design the type of life you want for yourself for when you graduate college. But why wait until college is over to start thinking about it? The time to start is NOW, not when you are a Junior or Senior. Come to this half-day workshop and learn things you can start doing today that will put you on the path to your dream life.

Career Fair Prep – Walking up to employers and starting a conversation, out of the blue, is difficult for everyone. Come to this workshop and learn some tips and tricks that will help make it easier. You will learn what employers are looking for, how to start a conversation and remove the awkwardness, how to dress and what to bring, and much more.

Mock Interviews – This session involves participating in a simulated job interview with a Human Resource professional from one of the many companies we partner with. This interview will last 30 minutes: 20 minutes with questions and 10 minutes with feedback. This is a great way to practice what you have learned and perfect your skills before a real interview.

Senior Focus – Do you know your next plan of action regarding your career, or after graduation? Do you need to do an Internship?  Do you want to change your major? Come to this workshop to learn: steps and the requirements to take if you need to do an internship, how to conduct a successful job search for any industry, how the Career Success Center can help you with your exploration, and much more.

Branding/LinkedIn – Understand what your “Digital Dirt” is and how it effects you and your job prospects. We will also focus on understanding LinkedIn and how to create a basic LinkedIn profile.

Internship Info Session – Do you need to do an Internship? Do you know your next plan of action regarding your career, or after graduation? Come to this workshop to learn all about the application process, requirements to apply and what opportunities are available for each semester.

Etiquette/Networking Event – Designed to help job seekers understand the importance of career networking and professional etiquette employers expect. Knowing these things could either make or break how you are perceived on the job, or in the interview. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice what they learn during the session.

Legislative Internship Info Session Are you interested in learning more about the Legislative Internship opportunity? This is the information session you will NEED to attend to learn the application process and how to land an interview in one of Connecticut’s most highly sought after internships.

Résumés – Learn the basics of a powerful résumé and how to grab the attention of an employer while utilizing space most effectively. Understand the computer screening process and how to bypass it. We will also briefly discuss Cover Letters and how to format them.

L.I.F.E. Launching Internships for Experience – Do you need to do an Internship? Do you know your next plan of action regarding your career, or after graduation? Come to this workshop to learn from WCSU interns about their experience and how to apply for an internship at WCSU. This workshop will also share potential and upcoming summer and fall internship opportunities.