Admission to Graduate Programs  

Application Requirements                                                                                                 
Criteria for admission to graduate study at Western Connecticut State University include both qualitative and quantitative requirements to ensure that applicants possess the educational preparation to succeed academically at the graduate level. The criteria are established by the Graduate Council and approved by the provost and vice president for academic affairs and WestConn’s president. No applicant is denied admission on the basis of sex, race, creed or national origin.

Application Procedures                                                                                                      
Students may register for graduate classes on a matriculated (degree-seeking) or non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) basis. All students registering for graduate classes must hold a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent and must demonstrate ability to pursue graduate studies.

Prior to registration, prospective students must apply to the Division of Graduate Studies. Applicants must provide:

  • A completed application, along with the application fee
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Proof of all prerequisite requirements, including minimum GPA
  • Proof of immunization form for all students born after 1956
  • A current RN license for prospective nursing students
  • A current teacher’s license for prospective education and educational psychology students
  • Appropriate test scores where required 

Application materials may be requested from the Division of Graduate Studies and External Programs, Old Main 206, by calling (203) 837-8244. Or, prospective students may visit the Web site at and download the graduate application.

Prospective students are encouraged to read the relevant sections of this catalog, including the portions that describe the degree program in which they are interested. General questions should be addressed to the Division of Graduate Studies; program-specific questions should be directed to the graduate coordinator identified in this catalog

Transfer of Credit

Students who wish to use transfer credits toward any of WestConn’s graduate programs must make this request at the time of initial application to the university. The amount of graduate credit transferable into a master’s degree program from other accredited institutions is limited to nine (9) semester credits, except in the case of: 

  1. The Connecticut State University, wherein no limitations are placed on the number of transfer credits. However, a student must complete at least fifteen (15) semester credits in residence at WestConn (including thesis requirements, alternative research project, departmental seminar, and/or comprehensive examination) as required for particular programs.
  2. The M.B.A. program allows up to twelve (12) transfer credits.
  3. The M.S. program allows up to six (6) transfer credits. 

All transfer credits must represent satisfactory work (a grade of “B” or better) at the institution where the work was completed and must be in accordance with a planned program of study. Transfer credits older than ten years are not accepted toward any graduate program at WestConn. Transfer of courses completed after a student is admitted to a graduate program must be approved in advance in writing by the student’s graduate program coordinator. 

Transfer credits are not included in a determination of cumulative grade point averages for graduate students at WCSU. 

Application Priority Dates for Graduate Students

Applications for admission to the Division of Graduate Studies must be received by the following dates:

    Fall Semester August 5
    Spring Semeste January 5

Student Status

Graduate students may be full-time or part-time students according to the number of credits for which they are enrolled in a semester. Full-time enrollment consists of nine semester hours or more. Most graduate study at WestConn is undertaken on a part-time basis. 

Matriculated Student

To matriculate in a degree program, students must complete an application and meet the general requirements for admission to the Division of Graduate Studies. In addition, they must meet any specific requirements for admission to the program in which they are interested. For program requirements, students should read the section of this catalog describing the program. General questions should be addressed to the Division of Graduate Studies and program-specific questions should be addressed to the program’s graduate coordinator identified in the catalog.

Non-matriculated Student

Students who complete an application and meet the general requirements for admission to the Division of Graduate Studies may complete one semester of graduate study with a maximum of 6 credits as non-matriculated students. To enroll for further study, students must apply and be admitted to a degree or certificate program. The Division of Graduate Studies and External Programs reserves the right to exclude non-degree students from graduate courses offered to students in degree or certificate programs.

Special Student

Students who wish to register for a course, but who are not seeking a graduate degree, must complete an application and meet the general requirements for admission to the Division of Graduate Studies. Permission to take a course is given on a space-available basis, and some programs may not allow students to register for courses unless they have been admitted to the program. Special students who wish to continue their studies must apply and be admitted to a degree or certificate program.

Guest Student

Graduate students matriculated at another institution may register for graduate study at WestConn on a space-available basis by presenting a letter of permission from their resident institution to the Division of Graduate Studies. Students must also provide academic transcripts to demonstrate satisfaction of course or program prerequisites. The New England Regional Student Program (see description below) provides special opportunities for guest study and exchange.

Undergraduate Student

Students matriculated for an undergraduate degree at WestConn who meet special qualifications may be permitted to enroll in particular graduate courses. Interested students may obtain details from the Division of Graduate Studies.

International Student

Western Connecticut State University has been designated by the United States Department of Homeland Security to offer courses of study to any F-1 student who is pursuing a “full course of study” to achieve a specific educational or professional objective. A full course of study at the graduate level at Western Connecticut State University is a minimum of nine credit hours. 

Students who have earned an undergraduate degree in a country other than the United States must have their transcripts assessed by an appropriate educational service for a comprehensive course-by-course evaluation. This report will determine if the student has completed the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree, which is the minimum requirement for acceptance into any of WestConn’s graduate programs.

In-Service Workshops for Teachers

Graduate study is primarily an on-campus function of the university. However, occasional in-service, credit-bearing workshops are offered at school districts in the university’s service area upon the request of the administration in such districts. Usually these workshops are designed to enable teachers in a school system to study a teaching or curriculum problem of special significance to specific situations. School officials interested in workshops of this nature should contact the chair of the education and education psychology department, Westside 249, (203) 837-8510. 

New England Regional Student Program

The New England Regional Student Program (RSP), one of the basic programs administered by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE), was established in 1957. The RSP enables residents of New England to attend an out-of-state public college or university within New England for certain degree programs not available at their home state public institutions. These students pay in-state tuition plus 50 percent above that amount. 

State Rehabilitation Program

State Rehabilitation Commissions frequently offer generous educational services to persons with a disability or a handicap. A student with a disability or handicap should contact Coordinator Deborah Cohen at (203) 837-8946 in AccessAbility Services to determine eligibility.

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