Missy Alexander, Dean,Warner Hall 300  
Cigdem Usekes,  Assistant Dean, Warner Hall 300  
Martha Palanzo, Administrative Assistant Phone: (203) 837-9401
Bob Albert, Secretary Phone: (203) 837-9402
  Fax: (203) 837-8525



Biological & Environmental Sciences • Patrice Boily, Chair, SB243, (203) 837-8569

Faculty: P. Boily; N. Connaly;  F. Dye; R. Gyure(Graduate Coordinator);  S. Maskel; M. Monette;

T. Philbrick; T. Pinou; R. Prunier; S. Wagener; E. Wong.


Chemistry •  Russell Selzer, Chair, SB334, (203) 837-8448Paula Secondo, Associate Chair, SB339, (203) 837-8795

Faculty: N. Greco; P. Hines; Y. Mei-Ratliff; M. Rajabzadeh; A. Roberts; P. Secondo;

R. Selzer; Y. Yu-Fong.


Communication and Media Arts • Kathryn Wiss, Chair, BR213A, (203) 837-8260

Faculty: J.C. Barone; J. Brower; J. Eckstein; T. Keys; K. Lever-Mazzuto; W. Petkanas; K.. Saunders; D. L. Stephenson; K. Wiss.


Computer Science • Gancho Ganchev, Chair, WS114, (203) 837-9349

Rona Gurkewitz, Associate Chair, WS109, (203) 837-9354

Faculty: G. Ganchev; R. Gurkewitz; T. Ivanov; W. Joel.


English • Michael Chappell, Co-Chair, B210D, (203) 837-9366

English • Donald Gagnon, Co-Chair; B223 (203) 837-9062

Faculty: M. Chappell; D. Gagnon; A. Govardhan; H. Levy;  M. Murray; I. Pruss; S. Qi (Graduate Coordinator); M. Sullivan; C. Usekes.


History & Non-Western Cultures • Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox, Chair, WA218, (203) 837-8565

History & Non-Western Cultures • Jennifer Duffy,  Associate Chair, WA202, (203) 837-3283

Faculty: K. Allocco; S. Davies; J. Duffy; W. Gadkar-Wilcox; K. Gutzman (Graduate Cordinator); L. Lindenauer; M. May; M. Nolan; J. Rosenthal; A. Saad.


Mathematics • David Burns, Chair, H102F, (203) 837-9346

Faculty:  D. Burns; S. Christofi; B. Hall; J. Hamer (Graduate Coordinator); S. Hayes; S. Lightwood; A. Lubell; P. Maida; B. Mittag; L. Novozhilova; C. Rocca; X. Wang.


Philosophy & Humanistic Studies • Stuart Dalton, Chair, WH021A, (203) 837-3282                 

Faculty: K. Aronson; S. Dalton.


Physics, Astronomy & Meteorology • Dennis Dawson, Chair, SB278, (203) 837-8671

Robert Eisenson, Associate Chair, SB277, (203) 837-8989                

Faculty: J. Boyle; A. Chance; D. Dawson (Graduate Coordinator); R. Eisenson; A. Owino.


Psychology • Shane Murphy, Chair, WA311, (203) 837-9398

Faculty: M. Aloni; D. Barrett; R. Flanagan; N. Gallucci; B. Gee; R. Khoo; T. Kuther; S. Murphy; M. Nelson;

P. O’Neill; D. Sheskin.


Social Sciences • Oluwole Owoye, Chair, WE204, (203) 837-8456

Averell Manes, Associate Chair, WA203, (203) 837-8452

Faculty: C. Bandhauer; M. Dabros;C. Hegel-Cantarella; C. Kukk; A. Manes; O. Owoye; Z. Pan; S. Skinner;

 S. Ward; L. Weinstein; R. Whittemore.


World Languages & Literatures • GalAlba Skar, Chair, BR215A, (203) 837-8485

Faculty: G. Bakhtiarova; L. Bonilla; S. Skar.


Writing, Linguistics and Creative Process • Oscar De Los Santos, Chair, HI205, (203) 837-9044

Faculty:  B. Clements (Coordinator, M.F.A. in Creative and Professional Writing);

O. De Los Santos; E. Hagan; C. Rudkin (Graduate Coordinator);  P. Ryan.

Master of Arts & Master of Fine Arts Degree Programs       

Mission and Objectives

The School of Arts and Sciences offers Master of Arts degrees in biological and environmental sciences, earth and planetary sciences, English (three options: literature, writing, and TESOL), history and mathematics. The school also offers the Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing.

In keeping with the state of Connecticut’s goals for higher education, the School of Arts and Sciences, with its graduate programs, seeks to:

  • Enhance student learning and promote academic excellence.
  • Join with elementary and secondary schools to improve teaching and learning at all levels.
  • Ensure access to and affordability of higher education.
  • Promote the economic development of the state to help business and industry sustain strong economic growth.
  • Respond to the needs and problems of society.
  • Ensure efficient use of resources.

The School of Arts and Sciences plays a central role in the education of every student at the university. The school serves students of diverse interests and needs and from many different segments of the community. The arts and sciences faculty believe that teaching is an art. Their highest priority is to help students learn.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree programs at WestConn are designed to provide opportunities for the pursuit of advanced study in the fields of biological and environmental sciences, earth and planetary sciences, English, history, and mathematics. Master of Arts programs provide in-depth study of a specific field for professional advancement, personal development, or preparation for further advanced study.

The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) program is a performance-based program leading to the highest degree awarded in professional fields in the arts.

Master of Arts degree programs:

         Earth & Planetary Sciences




Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing


Applicants who wish to be admitted to a Master of Arts program must submit the following material to the Division of Graduate Studies:

  1. Application for admission to the Division of Graduate Studies with a $50 application fee.
  2. Official transcript, including all earned grades and degrees, mailed (not hand-delivered) to the Division of Graduate Studies from each college or university previously attended. (For initial non-matriculated, one-semester enrollment, a transcript indicating a 2.5 undergraduate grade point average or higher and the baccalaureate degree will suffice.)
  3. If an applicant’s cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) is below 2.5, the applicant must fulfill one of the following:
    1. Present a score rated at the 35th percentile or higher on the Miller Analogies Test, as indicated below:
      Undergraduate GPA MAT Score Required
      2.5 or higher MAT not required
      2.4 to 2.49 35th Percentile
      2.3 to 2.39 45th Percentile
      2.2 to 2.29 50th Percentile
      Below 2.2 60th Percentile
    2. Provide transcripts indicating successful previous graduate study at an accredited institution.
  4. Supporting documents, such as letters of reference, as required for a particular program.
  5. Evidence of successful completion of any required prerequisite courses as established for a  particular program.

After the above materials have been submitted, the applicant should call (203) 837-8243 to make an appointment for an admission interview in the Division of Graduate Studies.

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