Computer Services

Midtown, Campus Center and Westside Computer Centers            

Information Technology & Innovation (IT&I) supports a diverse computing environment consisting of Windows servers, Windows desktops and laptops, PCs and compatibles, Unix, and Apple computers. Various computer facilities and technology classrooms exist on each of Western’s campuses. 

The computer centers, located in Room 117 of the Westside Classroom Building, on the third floor of the Westside Campus Center and at Midtown on the first floor of the Haas Library, offer 28 to 66 desktop computers in each facility. Each facility also has at least one Apple Macintosh computer. These facilities support a variety of software packages for student convenience including: Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Firefox and Internet Explorer, Visio and SharePoint Designer. These facilities also support specialized software on various machines per academic requirements and are equipped with both black & white and color laser printers in each facility. Each computer center is equipped with one or more group workstations and a graphic station which offers Adobe Creative Suite. A color scanner is connected to the graphics workstations.

The machines in the computer centers are connected to the university’s network, which allows data and applications to be shared and provides access to the various file servers and UNIX systems throughout the campus. Full-time, part-time and graduate students with a valid WestConnect Card may use the computer facilities at Western. These facilities are staffed with student computer center assistants during operational hours, which are posted each semester, intersession and break. The computer center assistants’ main responsibility is to monitor the facilities; however, they provide help whenever possible. Students who need extensive help should visit the Student Technology Training Center. 

To learn more, visit and select “Computer Centers” under WestConn IT Essentials.

Student Technology Training Center

The Student Technology Training Center (STTC) is located on the Midtown campus in the Student Center, Room 225. This facility provides students with a comfortable environment in which to learn technology. The primary goal of the STTC is to improve student life outside the classroom by creating and maintaining an environment in which all students can empower themselves with a practical understanding of current technology. This facility provides tutorials, hardware and software, workshops and individualized attention. The STTC, funded by the student technology fee, is not designed to be a classroom or lab. 

The roles and goals of the facility are:

  • to be a valuable technological resource to all students, regardless of their level of knowledge of computers and technology;
  • to provide an environment in which students feel comfortable exploring and learning a variety of new technologies;
  • to provide the necessary technological and intellectual tools;
  • to empower students with a better understanding of today’s technology;
  • to integrate student life with technology in an effort to better prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s classroom environments; and
  • to improve student morale outside the classroom, in an effort to increase retention at the university. 

The staff of the STTC are dedicated to facilitating the technological empowerment of the university’s student body. Students who visit the STTC can learn about Microsoft Office products, graphic design software packages, computer equipment and peripherals, the Internet and webpage design. The facility provides HP desktop computers with CD and DVD burning capabilities. Apple computers are equipped with scanners. All computers have the ability to print to both black & white and color laser printers. This facility also supports a variety of software packages for student convenience including: Microsoft Office; Visual Studio; Firefox, and Internet Explorer; Visio; SharePoint Designer; specialized software on various machines per academic requirements; graphic design software including Adobe Creative Suite. 

To learn more, visit If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with a staff member, call (203) 837-8715.

Midtown and Westside 24-Hour Labs                                                                                

There are three 24-hour labs, open seven days a week throughout the year. One lab is located in the Westside classroom building, Room 247c. The other labs are located on the Midtown campus in the Student Center, Room 214, and in the Science Building, Room 127. These facilities support both Windows and Macintosh desktops and are equipped with at least one black and white laser printer in each facility. To gain access to these labs, students must swipe their WestConnect Card through the facility’s card reader. The 24-hour labs are not staffed but are monitored and maintained regularly. It is the responsibility of each student to use these facilities in accordance with CSU and Western’s computer policies. These facilities house the same software as the staffed computer centers.

To learn more, visit and select “Computer Center” under WestConn IT Essentials.

To report any problems, or if you have any questions, please call the Information Technology & Innovation Help Desk at (203) 837-8467.

Student Accounts/Resources                                                                                           

All Western students are eligible for the following accounts:

Western Windows Account – Students who wish to use any of the computer facilities at Western (computer centers, technology classrooms, 24-hour labs, etc.) or access the wireless network must obtain a Western Windows account. Registered students can receive a Windows account at any staffed computer center. Your WestConnect Card is required. To learn more about Windows accounts, visit and select “Western Windows Account” under WestConn IT Essentials.

File Share – Information Technology & Innovation provides students with network file storage where they may save their academic-related documents and data. Students automatically receive a file share when their Windows account is created or password is reset. When a file share is generated, faculty and other students do not have the ability to read, change or delete files in another person’s file share. To learn more about file shares, visit and select “Fileshares” under WestConn IT Essentials.

WestConnduit – WestConnduit is Western’s campus portal. It brings together campus announcements, upcoming events, social media and access to essential resources like Blackboard Learn (course management system) and Banner web (see your grades, course schedules, financial aid information, register for classes and make payments).

To get to WestConnduit, visit

E-Learning at Western – Blackboard is a course-management system that enables efficient delivery of online education. Many faculty members use Blackboard to enhance their courses. Students may access their Blackboard courses through WestConnduit ( by clicking on the “Student Tools” tab and then “Log in to Blackboard” in the “my Courses” widget.

Connect365 Account  – The Connecticut State University System (Western, Eastern, Southern and Central) email policy states that university email will be considered an official means for communication. All students will be issued a university email for university business through Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite of online services. In addition to email, Connect365 gives you access to online document storage, collaboration tools and Office Web Apps.

To access your Connect365 account for the first time, visit Your username will be “your Western”. Your temporary password will be the word Connect followed by your own student ID number (e.g. Connect501XXXXX).

To learn more about Connect365 and select “Connect Suite” under WestConn IT Essentials.

ConnectPrint – All the staffed and 24 hour computer centers at Western use the new ConnectPrint system that makes printing easier and reduces printer waste and supplies. All students will use their WestConnect ID card to release print jobs in the computer centers.

For more information, please visit and select “ConnectPrint” under WestConn IT Essentials.

WestConn MobileWestern has a mobile website for quick on-the-go access to important information and services including news, announcements, email, weather, phone numbers and much more. Point your mobile device to Western Mobile is accessible anytime, anywhere!

Help – If you need help using any of these resources, please visit a staffed computer center for help or visit the Student Technology Training Center for more individualized assistance.

Western is Wireless                                                                                                      

Western is 100% wireless, including residence halls and wireless printing. To use the wireless network, your laptop or other mobile device must be equipped with a wireless network adapter. Western’s Wireless Network uses an SSID of “WestConn” for easy connection. You will be prompted to log in (required) using your Windows Account credentials. To use the Western wireless network and wireless printing you must have a Western Windows Account.

To learn more about the wireless network and wireless printing, please visit and click on “Wireless” under WestConn IT Essentials. 

Computers in the Residence Halls (ResNet)                                                                            

Any student who owns a computer with Built-in Ethernet or wireless capability can connect to ResNet, our residence hall network. Once connected, students will be required to log in using their Windows Account credentials, install Cisco Clean Access, install a supported anti-virus program, and install Windows critical updates. Splitters and cables can be obtained at any of our staffed computer centers. For more information, please visit

Your Technology Fee at Work

Students can get free copies of the latest Microsoft Office suite and Windows operating system from our staffed computer centers. For more information, visit and go to “Current Students.”

Technology Classrooms

We are proud to say that all Western classrooms are equipped with technology, offering ideal hands-on learning environment for both students and instructors. All classrooms feature basic standardized technology, including a projector, instructor workstation, VCR/DVD and laptop connection. Some also are multi-station classrooms offering student workstations and a printer.

For more information on Western’s technology classrooms, visit and select “Computer Centers” under WestConn IT Essentials.

Information Technology Policies                                                                                                    

Learn about Western’s information technology policies at

Policies & Guidelines for Computer Use

CSU Network Policy

Electronic Monitoring Notice

Computer Center Usage Rules & Policies

CSUS Email Policy

Wireless Policy

Information Security Policy


As new policies become effective, they will be listed on this website.

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