Ancell School of Business

Dean: Allen D. Morton, D.P.S.

Administrative Assistant: Valerie Dombroski

Westside Classroom Building 374
(203) 837-8521
(203) 837-8527 (fax)


Chair: Monica Frizzell, M.S.A.
Westside Classroom Building 138
(203) 837-8745
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Co-Chair: Sara Deloughy, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 202
(203) 837-9339
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Co-Chair: Joel Goldstein, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 384
(203) 837-9341
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Justice & Law Administration
Chair: Michael O. Foley, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 349c
(203) 837-8597
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Chair: Stanley Bazan, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 210
(203) 837-9238
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Management Information Systems
Chair: Richard Montague, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 204
(203) 837-9343
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Chair: Ronald Drozdenko, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 301
(203) 837-8776
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Mission and objectives

The Ancell School of Business educates today's students to be members and leaders of tomorrow's organizations. Placing instruction at the pinnacle of our responsibilities, the Ancell School:

  • offers selected programs that reflect our students' and region's needs and our faculty expertise;
  • provides instruction that is current and theoretically sound, yet applied, practical, and experiential; and,
  • uses established and innovative techniques
    • to pursue educational excellence and,
    • to provide the knowledge, analytical tools, and critical perspectives our students need for their careers.

Consistent with its mission, the Ancell School will:

  • create an environment promoting teaching, scholarship, and service
    • by improving our instructional methods,
    • by addressing problems encountered by organizations in our community, and
    • by advancing knowledge and practice in our disciplines, and
  • foster the intellectual activities and contributions of its faculty and students.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

BBA Accounting

Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting

BBA Finance

Financial Investments and Markets
Financial Management

BBA Management

Small Business Management
Supervisory Management Human Resources Management

BBA Management Information Systems

Information Security Management

BBA Marketing

Interactive Marketing

BS Justice & Law Administration

Corrections, Probation, Parole and
Offender Rehabilitation
Law Enforcement
Legal Studies
Paralegal Studies

The Ancell School of Business is composed of five business administration departments and the Division of Justice and Law Administration (JLA). The admission, academic probation and suspension standards are the same for both the JLA division and the business administration programs. Information concerning the bachelor of business administration (BBA) program and its five majors is listed below. Information concerning the Division of Justice and Law Administration is found on page 55.

Good Academic Standing

In order to continue in good standing and graduate from the Ancell School of Business, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or better.

Graduation Requirement

A 2.3 cumulative grade point average for all courses completed is required in order to receive a baccalaureate degree for a program offered by the Ancell School.

Academic Probation and Suspension

An academic probation letter is sent to first semester freshman students whose GPA is 1.7 or below and to second semester freshmen whose GPA is 2.0 or below. Should a student's GPA remain below the probation threshold for two consecutive semesters, the student will be suspended from the University.

An Ancell academic probation letter is sent when the cumulative GPA drops below 2.3. A student placed on academic probation must meet with an academic adviser to review program requirements, course selections, credit load, and other pertinent information.

Ancell academic probation begins the semester following the semester in which the student's GPA drops below 2.3.

Business Administration Curriculum

The five business programs are:

Management Information Systems

All business majors consist of five components:

General Education 42 semester hours
Business Core 30 semester hours
Major 21-33 semester hours
Non Business Electives 16 semester hours
Free Electives 1-13 semester hours
Total 122 semester hrs.

General education requirements of the Ancell School of Business are as follows; the number indicates semester hours:

Communication 3 SH (choose from CTA 160, CTA 161 or CTA 162)
English* writing intensive course (W)
Humanities 15 SH (choose from fine and applied arts, foreign language, humanistic studies, literature, philosophy, or western history.)
Social and Behavioral Science 12 SH (four courses: PSY 100, PS 104, ECO 100 and ECO 101)
Mathematics* 3 SH (choose from MAT 118, 133, 135 or 181)
Natural Science 4 SH (choose any lab science course)
Math or Science 3 Sh (choose any math (except 098 and 100) or science course)
Physical Education 2 SH

*Admission to writing intensive courses and MAT 118 require a placement test that may determine the need for remedial course work.

Business Core Requirements:

FIN 230 Business Statistics
ACC 201 Financial Accounting
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting
MGT 250 Organizational Behavior
MGT 320 Operations Management
MIS 260 Information Systems Concepts
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
FIN 310 Principles of Finance
JLA 240 Commercial Law
(ACC 340 Business Law I for accounting majors)
MGT 415 Strategic Management


Please refer to the department area in this catalog for specific admission procedures and requirements, or contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (203) 837-9000.

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