Foreign Languages and Literatures

Mary Dever, Chair
Berkshire Hall 224, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-8734
(203) 837-8912 (fax)

Carolyn Fensterer, Department Secretary
Berkshire Hall 120b, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-8250
(203) 837-8912 (fax)


M. Dever R. Ludanyi  

Adjunct Faculty

A. Dever J. Dever T. Doyle
J. Eastman P. Farina J. Matranga


The goal of teaching foreign languages, literatures and civilizations is to provide educational opportunities which are relevant to an increasingly interdependent world. The acquisition of foreign language skills is a crucial component of a liberal arts education because it enhances the student's powers of communication and serves as an introduction to the understanding of cultural achievements and social issues world-wide.


The goal of teaching foreign languages and literatures is to provide intellectual experiences relevant to an increasingly interdependent world. The acquisition of foreign language skills is a key component of general education because it enhances the student's powers of communication, serves as an introduction to cultural understanding, and deepens the learner's appreciation of his/her native tongue.

To realize this goal, the department:

  • Prepares students in foreign languages through the Spanish major and minor and beginning and inter-mediate offerings in French, German, and Italian.
  • Prepares students with strong Spanish language skills in the civilizations and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Prepares students for life-long foreign language learning by providing basic language skills on which they can build.
  • Provides an intellectual and academic resource for area residents.
  • Shares its expertise with other departments and with the community at large by translating and interpreting.
  • By means of small classes provides a supportive environment for skill acquisition.

Degree Programs in Foreign Languages

Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Science

Elementary Education: Spanish
Secondary Education: Spanish

Minor Programs


Foreign Language Requirements

Students who need to fulfill a foreign language requirement should plan on doing so as soon as possible. FR, GER, IT or SPA 163 or 164 fulfill this requirement. Students whose language skills are weak and who delay fulfilling the language requirement may also delay their graduation.

Students who are foreign born or have knowledge of another language should consult the language waiver policy in this catalog.

Students who are doubtful as to whether they have a foreign language requirement to fulfill should visit the Academic Advisement Center or call the the chairperson of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures in Berkshire Hall, Room 223 at (203) 837-8736.

Students may wish to satisfy the foreign language requirement during the summer at Western Connecticut State University since several of the aforementioned courses are usually offered.

Students who have successfully studied a foreign language for three or four years in high school are urged to continue the study of that language in college until proficiency is achieved.

Note: The language requirement may also be met through one semester of study abroad ( the International Student Exchange Program -- ISEP). Pre-requisite: one year of college-level study in the language of the country to be visited, or two years, high school level.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (B.A.)


Students must complete all general education requirements, the courses and credits listed below and additional free electives to total a minimum of 122 semester hours, including physical education.

SPA 196 Lengua y Cultura I
SPA 197 Lengua y Cultura II
SPA 201 El mundo iberoamericano
SPA 203 Conversación
SPA 205 Traducción inversa
SPA 207 Comentario de texto
SPA 221 La civilización española
SPA 230 El cuento
SPA 231 El teatro española
SPA 300 Advanced Composition and Syntax
SPA 330, 331 Autores representativos I & II
SPA 400 Linguistics
Two Spanish literature courses

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education-Spanish (B.S.)


See page 104 for requirements.

Minor in Spanish

Eighteen (18) semester hours of Spanish courses.

(SPA 196-Lengua y Cultura I and SPA 197-Lengua y Cultura II are accepted toward minor.) Courses in Spanish for Professions (i.e. SPA 170) shall not be accepted for credit for this minor.

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