Student Services

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is a program that is presented each semester for all newly admitted students. The program is designed to answer many of the questions that students have about WestConn and "the college experience." There are opportunities for new students to meet other students and to hear from a variety of students about academics and life on campus. The New Student Orientation program provides an opportunity for all new students to get a head start on their first semester at WestConn. The orientation program is designed to meet the needs of all new students. If you would like more information on New Student Orientation, please call the Student Center/Student Life office at (203) 837-8415.

Health Service

The Health Service Office, located in front of Litchfield Hall, provides full-time students with primary care and health education on a year-round basis. It is staffed by a doctor and nurses. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Changes in hours are reported to the Dean of Student Affairs, Campus Police and Housing and are listed on a telephone recording: (203) 837-8594.

All entering full-time students are required to present evidence of a recent physical examination and tuberculin test. These examinations are the responsibility of the student. All students--full and part time--must show proof of one rubella and two measles immunizations prior to registration. All residence hall students are required by Connecticut State Law to have documented proof of immunization with meningococcal meningitis vaccine before registering for housing or entering the residence halls. Some academic programs may require additional immunizations or examinations prior to the student's participation in an internship or other assignment. Failure to comply with the state law mandate requiring one rubella and two measles immunizations will block registration.

Health Service provides ambulatory care for full-time students. Referrals can be made for specialized health care. Costs of laboratory tests, prescription medicines and any additional medical services are the student's responsibility. Seriously ill students or emergency cases are referred to nearby Danbury Hospital for evaluation, treatment and/or hospitalization, if necessary. Parents or guardians will be contacted to arrange transportation if a minor becomes incapacitated by illness.

Student Insurance Requirements

Accident Insurance: As part of the student fee, all full-time students are covered under an accident insurance plan, 24 hours a day, on and off campus, from August 1, 2004 to July 31, 2005, or until full-time enrollment is terminated during this period.

Benefits under the accident plan are paid on an excess basis. This means no expense is covered if it would be covered by another health care plan in the absence of this insurance. This insurance supplements, but does not replace, other health care coverage.

Sickness Insurance: Connecticut State University requires that all full time students have sickness insurance to cover medical care not provided by the Health Service. The University is able to offer its students comprehensive health care coverage at a very affordable cost. Coverage under this plan includes both inpatient and outpatient services for medical, surgical and mental health needs.

All full-time students will be automatically enrolled in and billed for this sickness insurance plan unless they submit a signed waiver indicating alternative coverage. In reviewing present insurance coverage and deciding whether or not to carry this student insurance, please remember that many sickness insurance plans (e.g. local HMOs or IPAs) provide appropriate or effective coverage which may, however, be based at considerable distances from the campus. This has caused problems in providing medical services for students at the University. In addition, many insurance plans may have age limits for dependents. Students with known health problems are advised to consider this insurance in addition to their family coverage, especially if the latter does not cover 100% of medical expenses. All parents must inform students which outpatient laboratory, x-ray, emergency room or hospital they must use, if necessary, in order to have costs paid by their HMO Plan.

Students are required to notify Health Service of their insurance coverage and whether or not the plan includes prescription coverage.

Part-time students are now eligible to enroll for the University Accident and Sickness Policy: coverage is identical to that for full-time students, but pre-existing conditions are excluded. Part-time students should direct inquires about this coverage to H.R.H. Corporation of CT at 1-800-624-4184. Although more expensive than the full-time student's policy, it is very valuable and provides excellent benefits for many medical, surgical or mental health problems. The University is not involved in the application for part-time student's insurance.

Pre-Collegiate Access Programs

To ensure that students have the opportunity to develop the academic potential required for college admissions, WestConn has established the ConnCap/Upward Bound Program (for high school students and the Excel Program (for middle-schoolers). With advisors and staff dedicated to assisting and closely monitoring individual students as they progress through the public school system, these programs help promote everything from cultural enrichment to computers, from pre-algebra to parenting workshops. Also included in the Pre-Collegiate Access Programs is EAP (see page 14), the Educational Achievement & Access Program that offers academically underprepared students an intense, five-week summer residential program in order to fulfill admission requirements.

International Student Services

International students or individuals with questions regarding international student affairs should direct their questions to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. The dean and his staff will assist with financial matters, visa issues, 1-20 documents, SEVIS matters and academic issues unique to international students. The staff will also assist students in filing the necessary paperwork so that they may become full-time student visa holders (F-1). For these and other matters relating to international student services, call the dean's office at (203) 837-9700.

Disability Services

The mission of the Office of Disability Services is to facilitate and advocate the best university environment for persons with disabilities. Disability Services staff works collaboratively with the university community to accomplish this mission. Persons with documented disabilities who are in need of disability services or accommodations are encouraged to contact Disability Services. The university respects the student's right to disclose or not to disclose a disability, however the university is not responsible for providing services or accommodations for students who do not disclose a disability to Disability Services. To receive services or accommodations, students must provide the appropriate documentation. Communication of a disability to other sources does not serve as a substitute for official notification to the Office of Disability Services. Please contact Disability Services when requesting accommodations.

To discuss a disability concern or to request an accommodation, contact Barbara Barnwell, director of Disability Services, Old Main 101, at (203) 837-8278 or voice, (203) 837-8284 TTY. A student may also speak with the disability services academic advisor or the disability services coordinator.

Discrimination in programs and services due to a disability is prohibited at Western Connecticut State University and is a violation of state and federal law. To file a complaint of discrimination because of a disability, contact Barbara Barnwell, director of disability services at Old Main 101, at (203) 837-8278 Voice -203) 837-8284 TTY. You may also speak with the disability services academic advisor or disability services coordinator. Please note that the discrimination complaint procedure does not replace and is not a substitute for other established university procedures such as judicial, grade appeal, housing, public safety, or other such policies and procedures. Students with disabilities are held to the same standards and must follow established policies and procedures as other students at Western Connecticut State University.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers confidential, short term, multi-cultural counseling for personal, career and academic concerns. During the past year, students have expressed concern about: relationship problems; loneliness; depression; anxiety; stress; motivation; eating disorders; grief issues; post-traumatic stress, physical and emotional illness; substance abuse problems; family problems; study skills; test anxiety; physical, sexual and emotional abuse; and gay/lesbian/bisexual concerns.

Our staff of professional counselors also offers interest and personality inventories to help students select a major or choose a career path. Also available are tests to identify learning difficulties. Outreach and group sessions are offered on a variety of topics. Past group topics have included: depression; stress and coping; eating disorders; abusive relationships; self-injury; loss and mourning; alcohol's impact on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs); self-esteem issues; diversity; interests pertaining to families of alcoholics; and assertiveness training. The Counseling Center staff facilitates new support groups for special populations on specific topics as needed. In addition, the Center sponsors a special orientation program for non-traditional students each year.

Counseling Center services are free and available to all current WestConn students. The center is located on the second floor of the Student Center, Room 222. For an appointment, call (203) 837-8690 or visit the Counseling Center weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Alcohol & substance abuse prevention program (ASAPP)

The goal of ASAPP is to provide students with information, services and resources that will decrease alcohol and other substance abuse on campus. The ASAPP office collaborates with student groups and other University departments in planning activities that promote a more healthy lifestyle to create positive changes in the entire campus culture.

ASAPP provides the following information to students, faculty and staff:

  • Current and accurate information about alcohol and other drugs including club drugs, inhalants, prescription drugs, pot, and ecstasy.
  • Information on the symptoms, risk-factors and consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse.

The office also: conducts individual screenings and assessments for those who struggle with their own use and abuse of substances; provides referrals for counseling or treatment; answers questions and helps support students who have family members or friends that are abusing substances; plans prevention/education programs and awareness activities designed to increase awareness and positively influence the culture on campus.

All services are confidential. ASAPP encourages all students to participate in our prevention, education and programming activities throughout the year. For more information, please contact Sharon Guck, ASAPP Coordinator, Litchfield Hall rm.101. Phone: 837-8899,, Mon.-Fri., 9:00 -5:00.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) reflects an innovative approach to providing career-related services to students at WestConn. Currently, there are three major career components: 1) Career Planning and Placement, designed to offer students help with job search, resume and interviewing strategies; 2) Cooperative Education and Internships designed to offer students practical work experience closely related to their academic major, and; 3) Career Development Workshops on many specialized career development and job search topics. The CDC also has a career library, SIGI+ (a computerized career guidance system), an electronic job referral system, information on part-time jobs, and much more career-related information. The CDC is located on the second floor, Student Center 227. (203) 837-8263.

Campus Ministry

The spiritual needs of the students are served by a staff of three ministers of the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish communities. They offer students opportunity for worship celebrations, service projects, pastoral counseling, community outreach, and various programs of a religious, ethical and philosophical nature. Available to the students are places for study, reflection, friendship and relaxation at the Student Center and the Newman Center (across the street from Newbury Hall). Campus ministers can be reached at: (203) 744-5846 (Catholic); (203) 837-8328 (Protestant); and (203) 438-8330 (Jewish).

Childcare at WestConn

The WCSU Child Care Center, operated by EDUCATION CONNECTION and accredited by NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, offers childcare in its facility in Alumni Hall on the midtown campus. The Center provides a developmentally appropriate early childhood program as well as a safe environment for children ages 3-5. Evening care for ages 3-12 is available but contingent upon sufficient enrollment. To register your child, or for further information, visit the Center or call (203) 837-8733.

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