As an integral part of the University and consistent with its mission, the University Center for Adult Education provides leadership in non-credit programming for continuing education in our region.

The University Center serves a growing and highly diversified student body through educational programming specifically designed to update job skills, teach new skills for career advancement, career change or preparation for a new career and/or to provide personal enrichment.

These programs are taught by faculty carefully selected and recruited for their practical experience in and enthusiasm for teaching credit and non-credit courses, seminars and workshops.

The student body includes over 400 business and community organizations in the Western Connecticut region.

The relevancy of the programming for personal and professional growth and development is ensured by the university's working cooperatively with private, public and professional organizations in our region.

The diversity of offerings reflects the university's dedication and responsiveness to the community.

The course offerings bulletin for the UCAE may be obtained each semester by writing UCAE.

Continuing Education Units (CEU)

CEU's are awarded for selected courses, workshops and seminars. The CEU is a nationally recognized standard developed by the National Task Force for individuals who participate in an organized continuing education experience that meets the Task Force's criteria. (The CEU is not to be confused or equated with academic credit.) Students successfully completing their course(s) will be awarded a certificate of completion.

*Programming Suggestions: Anyone with non-credit programming suggestions and/or interest in teaching non-credit courses is encouraged to contact, in writing, Elaine Miller, University Center for Adult Education at Western Connecticut State University, 181 White St., Danbury, CT 06810.

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