Admission to Westconn

Western Connecticut State University seeks to enroll students who will benefit from and contribute to the university. Admission to the three undergraduate schools is competitive. Students are admitted to the university on the basis of predicted success in the specific majors for which they apply. Special extracurricular talents and activities are also considered in the admissions process.

Campus Visit, Interview, Open House

One way the prospective student and the university can learn more about each other is through an on-campus interview. This is not required, but is definitely encouraged. The interview provides applicants with an opportunity to exchange information, ask questions, explain and clarify admission credentials and receive a tentative evaluation of their status.

Visitors to campus are encouraged to take student-conducted tours and to meet informally with students and faculty. This will give a more personal view of Western Connecticut State University. Guided tours are available on several weekends in the fall and spring, as well as on weekdays when the university is in session. The university will host an open house on Sunday, November 5, 2006.

Arrangements for a campus visit and/or interview should be made well in advance. Please call the Office of University Admissions at (203) 837-9000 for more information.

Application Procedures (Fall and Spring)

Obtain an application from the Office of Admissions or from a secondary school or community college guidance office. Detail your interests, activities, talents and other significant personal qualities. Transcripts must be sent and additional information such as senior year grades, test scores or final semester grades may be required. Application dates for undergraduate students are::

Fall Semester: Rolling admissions, starting December 1, with class spaces filled on a first-come basis.
Spring Semester: Rolling admissions, starting October 1, with class spaces filled on a first-come basis.

A $50 nonrefundable application fee must accompany the completed application. No application will be processed without payment of this fee. Waivers of this fee may be made if requested by a recognized educational or social welfare agency.

If admission is offered, a nonrefundable tuition deposit must be submitted for fall semester entry.

First-year Application Guidelines

Academic preparation is the most important factor in determining admission. While nonacademic activities can influence a decision, a transcript reveals a great deal about academic potential. Class rank, grades of “B-” or better, and SAT/ACT results are required, but a sincere effort is made to judge achievement in relation to the quality and depth of the secondary school program. Candidates for admission must have a high school diploma from an accredited secondary school or an equivalency diploma. General Educational Development (GED) test scores must be converted into a State of Connecticut Equivalency Diploma. Home-schooled students may also be considered for admission.

Western Connecticut State University seeks to enroll applicants who meet the following university guidelines:

  1. Evidence of successful completion of the following academic units in high school with a cumulative grade point average of “B-” or higher.
    1. Four years of English, including writing skills and literature.
    2. Three years of mathematics, including Algebra I, geometry and Algebra II.
    3. Two years of social sciences, including U.S. History.
    4. Two years of laboratory sciences.
    5. Two to three years of a single foreign language. (Three years are recommended)
    6. Academic course work in computer science, visual arts, theater, music or dance may be substituted for one of the areas cited in a-e.

Additional application materials needed are:

  1. SAT I scores from the College Board and/or ACT results (to include the writing sample) are required.
    1. Transfer students are not required, under ordinary circumstances, to submit SAT I results.
    2. Students 20 years or older may submit 9 semester hours of college credits in lieu of the SATs.
  2. If English is not the applicant’s native language, a 79 (internet-based exam), 213 (computer-based exam), 550 (paper-based exam) score or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) must be submitted in lieu of, or in addition to, the SAT scores.  We will also accept a score of 77 or higher on the Melab and 6 or higher on the IELTS (Band).
  3. Scholarship and financial aid candidates must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and request that the needs analysis be forwarded to the Federal Student Aid Programs by March 15.
  4. Applicants for degrees in music education, bachelor of music programs and liberal arts music must complete the regular application for admission to the university and audition for the department. In addition, applicants will be tested on (1) knowledge of basic theory; (2) pitch discrimination; (3) basic piano techniques; (4) voice quality and ability to sing in tune.
  5. Prior to registration, all entering students are required to present evidence to the Health Service Office of a tuberculin test and proof of immunizations. A recent physical examination is also required before the first class of the semester. Cost of this examination is the responsibility of the student. Please contact the Health Services Office for further information.
  6. All students must file a residency affidavit on initial application to the state university. The residence status of each student is defined by Public Act 474 passed by the 1973 General Assembly.

A standard reclassification form will be used by students seeking to change their residence classification. This form is available from the Office of Student Affairs.

Tuition and fees are determined for each student on the basis of Connecticut or out-of-state residency. The failure of a student to disclose all facts relating to residence status shall be grounds for suspension or expulsion.

Placement examinations in Mathematics & Writing

It is the academic policy of the Connecticut State University and of WestConn to have students begin their education with course work at the appropriate skill level in mathematics and writing. To ensure that students are taking the correct courses, the university administers a placement exam for mathematics and English prior to registration. Students who have been admitted to the university receive an acceptance packet from the Admissions Office informing them of their requirements regarding these placement exams. Some students are required to take mathematics only, English only, or both examinations. Some students are exempt from taking either one, or both placement exams. The following is a list of the exemption criteria:

  1. A verbal SAT score of 510-590 permits a student to register for ENG101, The Habit of Writing. A verbal SAT score of 600 or greater permits a student to register for a writing intensive course.
  2. A mathematics SAT score of 600 or greater, or a grade of “C” or better in high school calculus, permits a student to register for a general education mathematics course.
  3. An equivalent course taken at an accredited institution with a grade of “C” or better in mathematics and/or writing may also exempt a student. Official transcripts must be on file in the Admissions Office.
  4. Advanced placement exam scores in both these areas may also exempt a student. Please contact the admissions office for more information.

Placement information must be on file in the admissions office before a student can register for the appropriate courses.

The university requires that all remedial course work be completed within one academic year. A student who fails to meet this requirement will not be allowed to continue as a matriculated student.

Please note: some majors also require a chemistry placement examination.

Early Admission

The university considers applications from students who have three years of secondary school preparation. A “B” average in all college preparatory courses together with a rank-in-class in the top 30th percentile are the minimum academic requirements. SAT results are necessary and should be well above the national average. Motivation and maturity should be clearly evident. Consent of the guidance counselor and legal guardians is necessary as well as an interview with a member of the Board of Admissions.

First-Year Admission with Advanced Standing

Advanced Placement

A student may enter WestConn as a freshman, but with advanced standing toward a degree. Advanced standing may be achieved by taking Advanced Placement Examinations in which a score of 3 or higher will earn 6 to 8 college credits in each subject area. Additionally, students can earn college credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or by actually taking courses for college credit while in secondary school.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The Student Center/Student Life Office serves as a testing center for several graduate and undergraduate tests. At the undergraduate level, the Center administers the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

CLEP examinations recognize that through work experience, reading, or other activities, a student may have acquired knowledge equivalent to that taught in introductory college courses. By demonstrating this knowledge on a CLEP test, the student may qualify for college credit without attending class. WestConn administers all CLEP examinations for the award of college credit. Each examination covers material equivalent to that taught in one or more courses at the university. To earn credit, the student must demonstrate knowledge equivalent to that of a student who has taken the course and received a grade of at least a “C.” Some examinations are restricted to students who have accumulated no more than 45 semester hours toward graduation. Advance permission from an academic department may be required for some CLEP exams.

At the graduate level, the Student Center/Student Life Office administers the Miller Analogies Test (MAT), a graduate admissions test.

For more information about examinations and their requirements, call the Student Center/Student Life Office at (203) 837-88877, or check the Web site at

Transition to College Program

This permits selected secondary school seniors to enroll in a maximum of two courses a semester (six hours a week) while they complete their secondary school curriculum. Students will earn college credit and be graded upon completion of course(s).

Admission to the program requires:

  1. Traditional college preparatory courses;
  2. Junior class cumulative rank in the top of the class;
  3. Strong recommendation from the secondary school counselor indicating the student has the motivation and maturity to benefit from a college education;
  4. A combined SAT score of 1000 or better.

The Board of Admissions will make a decision promptly after receipt of the application and will notify the student’s secondary school guidance counselor of the decision.

Educational Achievement & Access Program (EAP)

The Educational Achievement & Access Program provides underprepared students with the opportunity and support they need to obtain a college education. EAP includes a challenging introductory five-week summer program that assists students in developing their academic skills. This five-week experience, which includes courses in math, English, and study skills assists students with their first step towards achieving academic success at WestConn.

Through EAP, students have the opportunity to become familiar with the campus environment, experience residence life, make new friends and meet WestConn’s faculty and staff. Academic courses are combined with review sessions that provide students a more in-depth understanding of the materials presented in their classes. Students also receive tutoring in their academic subjects during the assigned study hall.

All EAP students are provided with the following year-round university services:

  • Writing Lab
  • Math Clinic
  • Tutoring Resource Lab
  • Individual academic counseling/advisement sessions
  • Special social/cultural events

The EAP admissions application deadline is March 1st. Enrollment in the program is limited. Admission is based on SAT scores, high-school rank, letters of references, personal interview and written essay. EAP students are required to take the same English and mathematics placement tests as non-EAP students. EAP students are admitted into a degree program or as “undeclared” student status in the School of Arts and Sciences. For more information, call Ismael Diaz at (203) 837-9857.

Transfer Admission Guidelines

  1. A transfer applicant is one who has earned 12 or more college credits (with no more than 3 credits by examination) after graduating from high school.
  2. An official transcript with a school seal from each college or university previously attended must be forwarded to the Office of University Admissions via mail.
  3. A 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all previous college level study is required for admission to the university; particular academic programs may require higher GPAs for admission.Applicants with 45 or more credits must meet any special departmental or school admissions requirements as indicated below:
    1. Programs offered through the Ancell School of Business, including Justice and Law Administration: 2.3 GPA for all courses attempted.
    2. Communication: 2.0 GPA and 2.5 in major courses.
    3. Computer Science: 2.0 GPA and 2.5 in major courses.
    4. Education: 2.8 GPA for all courses attempted.
    5. English: 2.0 GPA and 2.5 in major courses.
    6. Mathematics/Computer Science: 2.0 GPA and 2.5 in major courses.
    7. Social Work: 2.0 GPA and 2.5 in major courses.
  4. Courses with a “C-” or higher grade are generally transferable into WestConn. However, only credits are accepted in transfer, not grades. A “T” symbol is used to designate transfer credits on WestConn’s student transcripts. Courses taken at other institutions which are vocational or technical in nature may not be accepted at WCSU. Note: Any academic courses with a passing grade will transfer from Central, Eastern, or Southern Connecticut State University.
  5. The maximum number of semester hour credits which may be transferred from a four-year college or university is 90. The maximum number from a two-year college is 75. Note: at least 30 credits and at least half the credits required in a student’s major must be completed at WestConn.
  6. A new academic program or course submitted by an applicant for transfer consideration may be reviewed by the Admissions Board. A secondary school record is not required of transfer students under normal circumstances.
  7. Evaluation of Transfer Credits:

    Transfer applicants may normally expect that their transfer credits will be evaluated at the time a decision is made to admit the applicant. Any transfer applicant who is dissatisfied with his/her credit evaluation may appeal the decision to the Director of University Admissions, who is charged with managing the appeal process in coordination with the appropriate academic representatives of the university. Students have one semester after they are matriculated to adjust their transfer credit evaluation.

Transfer Arrangement for Associate Degree Recipients

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees for Connecticut State University that all students who graduate from two-year associate degree programs at the State Community Colleges are admissible to the Connecticut State University system. These students are admitted to the third year of study on the same basis as continuing students are admitted to junior standing. This policy also applies to the transfer applicants holding associate degrees from the Connecticut Board of State Academic Awards. Courses with grades of “D+, D and D-” are transferable only if the student has an Associate’s degree.

Applicants with associate degrees are normally not admitted to a program if their cumulative grade point averages are lower than departmental/school standards for admission. Any student in this situation should contact the director of University Admissions for an interview.
A policy agreed to by both the Connecticut State University and the Connecticut Community College system requires that mathematics courses taken at a community college on or after the Fall 2001 must have had a prerequisite of intermediate algebra in order to be transferred to WestConn and meet general education requirements.

Special Student categories


The university welcomes veteran applications. A veteran is encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Veterans’ Affairs adviser, Financial Aid Office, who will provide information about veterans’ benefits.

The university accepts the results of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) which is administered at no charge to military personnel on active duty through Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). Armed Forces personnel desiring further information about the examinations should contact their education officer or write to DANTES, Madison, WI 53713 if taken before 1974. After 1974, contact DANTES, Box 2819, Princeton, NJ 08540.

A veteran who has been accepted into a degree program may, upon presentation of DD Form 214, Report of Transfer or Discharge, receive exemption from the university’s physical education requirement. The university also accepts all college level credits earned through the United States Armed Forces Institute and for service schools completed, as recommended by the American Council on Education, providing that credit is applicable to the individual’s degree program

International Students

International student applications are accepted by Western Connecticut State University, though scholarship and loan fund limitations prohibit the offering of financial assistance to any students who do not hold United States citizenship.

International students residing outside the U.S. should contact the Office of University Admissions for admission information. Applicants must earn a 79 (internet-based exam), 213 (computer-based exam), 550 (paper-based exam) score or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  We also accept a score of 77 or higher on the Melab and 6 or higher on the IELTS (Band).  Students are also required to indicate ability to finance their education.  Application materials will be sent if language ability and economic support are determined to be sufficient. If a request for application materials is approved, appropriate academic transcripts must be sent to the university as soon as possible.

All new students planning to enter the university in the fall semester must submit all application materials before March 1. Students desiring to enroll in the spring semester must submit all completed materials before October 1. Students already studying in the United States should submit admission materials as outlined in the admissions procedure.

This university is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Guest Students

The university may admit to nonmatriculated status individuals from other colleges and universities who meet WestConn’s admissions criteria and application deadlines for undergraduate study. Such applicants normally intend to return to their original collegiate institutions after attending WestConn for one year or less. As a nonmatriculated student at WestConn, the guest student must be approved in advance each semester by the Director of University Admissions, who also serves as the student’s academic adviser. A maximum of 30 credits may be earned at WestConn in this manner.

Readmission Guidelines

  1. A readmit applicant is one who has previously been matriculated as an undergraduate at WestConn and is now seeking to return after one or more semesters without an approved leave of absence.
  2. An applicant must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.
  3. An applicant with 45 or more credits completed must also meet any special department/school admissions requirements.
  4. An applicant should familiarize himself/herself with the university Fresh Start Policy to determine if it applies.
  5. The Board of Admissions will review any cases with unusual circumstances worthy of consideration.

Fresh Start Readmission

An applicant who was a previously enrolled matriculated student and who has a cumulative grade point average below 2.0 is eligible to apply for re-admission under certain conditions:

  1. A. The period of withdrawal or suspension and re-admission must include at least one year in which no college courses were taken. Remedial non-credit college courses in English and Mathematics are excepted.
  2. Completion of no more than 60 credits with a “C-” or higher average, when applying for admission.
  3. Satisfactory completion of ENG 098: Basic Writing Skills and/or MAT 098: Elementary Algebra prior to admission, if appropriate.
  4. Significant evidence of personal growth since withdrawal, in the form of two letters of recommendation. A student may be conditionally admitted to the university under this policy, resulting in restrictions in the number and nature of courses taken during the first semester of enrollment.
  5. A personal interview may be required.
    1. The fresh start option may be exercised only once.
    2. The student’s cumulative GPA at WestConn becomes 0.0. Grades of “F,” “D-,” “D,” and “D+” are forgiven.
    3. Grades of “C-” or better count toward graduation.
    4. Students are admitted on probation under this option.

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