James W. Schmotter, President

Linda K. Rinker, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Maribeth Amyot, Vice President for Finance and Administration

G. Koryoe Anim-Wright, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Walter B. Bernstein, Vice President for Student Affairs

Carol A. Hawkes, Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts

Lynne W. Clark, Dean, School of Professional Studies

Walter E. Cramer, Dean of Student Affairs

Ellen D. Durnin, Dean of Graduate and External Programs

Allen D. Morton, Dean of Ancell School of Business

Charles P. Spiridon, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Daniel S. Costello, Associate Vice President for Facilities

Linda A. Vaden-Goad, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Bryan D. Samuel, Director, Multicultural Affairs & Affirmative Action Progrmas

Lorraine Capobianco, Chief Information Officer, University Computing

William A. Hawkins, Enrollment Management Officer, University Admissions

Charles Alexander, Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs and Residential Education

Scott Ames, Sports Information Specialist

Mary Baker, Assistant Degree Auditor

Nancy B. Barton, Director of Financial Aid and Veteran's Affairs

Tammie L. Battista, Assistant Director -- Accounts Payable

Sarah Baywood, Assistant Director -- Payroll Services

Sharon Berry, Assistant Director of Health Services

Robert D. Billings, Access/Security Technician

Esther Boriss, Associate Director of Administrative Services

Lynn Bricker, Financial Assistant

Marcia Butland, Assistant to the Director of Housing/RD

Lisa Carrozza, Assistant Director of Career Planning and Placement

Isabel Carvalho, Director of Advisement Center

Mark Case, Director of Administrative Services

Maureen Casey-Gernert, Director of Career Development Center

Amanda Castro, Upward Bound Site Advisor

Michael R. Chisholm, Assistant to the Director of Facilities Scheduling& Promotion

Anthony Ciarleglio, Director of Cooperative Education

Deanna Cibery-Schaab, Access Control & One-Card Manager

Margaret Cicalese, Associate Director of Health Services

Jerry Collins, Assistant Director of Housing/RD

Ben Connito, Media Services Trainee

Linda G. Cortez, Assistant Director, Admissions

Frederic Cratty, Director of Employee Relations

Thomas Curran, Director of Planning and Engineering

Jane Davis, Assistant to the Director of Fiscal Affairs

Jason Davis, Director of University Publications and Design

Marlene Davis, Technical Support Analyst

Mary-Anne V. Dease, Budget Analyst

Daryle Dennis, Director of Diversity Programs

Rebecca Devine, Debit Card Program Manager

Kara Devlin, Administrator of Special Events & Stewardships

Ismael Diaz, Director of Pre-collegiate and Access Services

Joseph DiMeglio, Assistant to the Director of Facilities Scheduling and Promotions

Rebecca Ann Diot, Technical Support Analyst

Irene Duffy, Registrar

Jason Esposito, Information Center Manager

Amanda Evans, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Edward Farrington, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Thomas Fuchs, Assistant Director/Client Service Programmer

Margaret Galtieri, PC Maintenance Technician

Maureen A. Gamache, External Program Coordinator

Mark Gegeny, Student Center Operations Assistant

Margaret Gerber, Director of Grant Programs

Jannelle N. Grier, Assistant to the Director of Housing/RD

Maribeth Griffin, Director of Housing & Residence Life

Sharon Guck, Coordinator of Substance Abuse Programs, Student Affairs

Lawrence Hall, Director of Admissions

Frederica Halligan, Director of Counseling Center

Sherri Hill, Assistant Director of University Relations

Ralph Holibaugh, Library Research Specialist

Katharine Ierace, Science Technical Assistant

Dean Isaacs, Research Analyst

Muhammad Ismail, Network Security Specialist

Julianne Johnson, Programmer Specialist

Samuel Johnson, Associate Director of Housing forr Programs & Staff/Residence LIfe

Brian Kennison, Library Systems Assistant

Deborah Kinnane, Assistant Director of Planning and Engineering

Kevin Koschel, Property Control & Mail Services Manager

Pano Koukopoulos, Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs Specialist

Nicole Kullberg, Admissions Representative

Christine Laedke, Assistant to the Director of Facilities Scheduling & Promotion

Vincent Lagano, Computer Support Trainee

Carolyn D. Lanier, Director of Recruitment and Training

Thomas D. LaPorta, Assistant Degree Auditor

Carlton Lee, Associate Director of Admissions

Tara R. Leighton, Assistant to the Director of Housing/RD

Gary Lessor, Assistant Director of Meteorological Studies and Weather Center

Dennis P. Leszko, Assistant Director for Student Affairs

Sean C. Loughran, Controller/Director of Fiscal Affairs

Kenneth S. Lynch, Access Control/Security Technician

Michael F. Lynch, Assistant Director of Telecommunications/Voice Systems Analyst

Luigi Marcone, Director of Environmental & Facilities Services

Helen Masterson, Coordinator of University Events

Mary Mazza, Assistant to the Director of Fiscal Affairs -- Fixed Assets

Elizabeth McDonough, Presidential Assistant

Tammy McInerney, Interim Director of Alumni Affairs/Development Officer

Todd McInerney, Systems Manager

Cornelius McLaughlin, Director of University Police

James M. McNiff, Director of Student Center

Elaine A. Miller, Associate Registrar-Degree Auditing & Graduation

Richard Molinelli, Chemistry Technical Assistant

Keith E. Moore, Assistant to the Director of Housing/RD

Edward Mulvihill, Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life for Operations

John Murphy, Director of Facilities Scheduling and Promotion

Richard Myers, Assistant Director of Admissions

Ellen Myhill, Graphic and Web Designer/Photograhy Assistant

Carla J. Netto, Assistant Registrar

Juan C. Obreros, User Support Specialist

Raymond O’Brien, III, PC Maintenance Technician

Edward J. O'Hara, Interim Director of Library Services

Janet Ohles, Associate Director of Library Services

Dianne Olsen, Assistant Director of Advising

Sabaythip Oumsou, Assistant to the Director of Housing/RD

Frederica Paine, Assistant Director of University Publications and Design

Michael Palica, Assistant to the Director of Fiscal Affairs

Paula Paolino, Coordinator of Bursar Services

Richard Parmalee, Director of Network & Telecommunications

Lisa Peck, Assistant Director of Advising

Laura Piechota, Musical Arts Assistant

Mark Pisano, Client/Server Systems Support Assistant

Jeffrey M. Postolowski, PC Maintenance Technician

Robert A. Pote, Jr., Assistant Director of ConnCAP, Upward Bound & Excel Programs

Paul P. Prisco, Jr., Assistant Registrar–Scheduling Officer

Amy Proulx, Coordinator of Recreation, Intramural & Club Sports

Ethaline D. Rollins, Network Specialist

Peter Rosa, III, Associate Controller

Maryann Rossi, Assistant Dean

Falguni Shah, Database/Unix Administrator

Priyanka Shah, Client Server Programmer

Christopher Shankle, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions

Irene Sherlock, Associate Director of Publications and Design

Jeff Shpunt, Web Content Specialist

Cory Silver, Assistant to the Director of Facilities Scheduling & Promotion

Paul Simon, Director of Student Center/Student Life

Paul Steinmetz, Director of University Relations

Melissa Stephens, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Peggy Stewart, Graphic Designer/Photographer

Hung-Ying (Rose) Sun, Lead Client/Server Programmer

Albert Trimpert, Athletic Equipment Manager

Stephen P. Veillette, Project Manager

Scott Volpe, Assistant Director of Media Center

Judith Weindling, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Jerome Wilcox, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Rebecca Woodward, Director of Media Services

Frederick Zarnowski, Director of Information System

Anthony Zatzick, M.F.A. Assistant.

Jennifer Zdziarski, Assistant Director of Admissions

Abbey Zink, Assistant Dean

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