HON 100 The Nature of Inquiry 1 SH
This course examines some of the “modes of inquiry” used by various academic disciplines to frame and understand topics. Each semester the course will examine a different topic, such as crime, mental illness or sexuality, by applying various disciplinary methodologies and perspectives. The course is also designed to expose students to some of the key informational resources available in various fields. Every fall semester. Prerequisite: First year or Sophomore standing, member of the University Honors Program or permission of instructor.

HON 400 Honors Capstone Seminar 3 SH
Each year the honors capstone seminar examines a timely and important topic from a number of disciplinary perspectives. Each student will complete an individual project on an aspect of the seminar topic. Prerequisite: Member of University Honors Program or GPA of 3.2 or higher, and Junior or Senior standing; CAP 20; spring semester. The Honors Seminar, like other honors course, may be applied toward fulfillment of general education requirements. Because of the seminar’s interdisciplinary nature, credit will be applied toward an area agreed upon by the individual student and the director, in consultation with the appropriate school dean. Credit will be directly related to that year’s course content and the student’s individual study.

HON 487 Honors Research Practicum  1-3 SH
The Honors Research Practicum (HRP) allows Junior and Senior honors students to assist a professor in a research endeavor related to the faculty member’s expertise. The main objectives of the HRP are to offer students opportunities to: develop research skills; collaborate with an expert in a given field; communicate in a professional language of their major discipline; and acquire intellectual acumen regarding sources of knowledge.

In order to accomplish these goals, students will undertake quantitative and/or qualitative analysis, organize and/or participate in research teams, write a literature review, or engage in other research activities. Students will be required to meet weekly with professors, actively participate in scholarly work, and submit a research log/summary to the professor. Professors overseeing HRP students will provide students with relevant research guidance and opportunities for them to reflect on their research experience in writing, such as in a journal or reaction paper.

Students will receive one to three hours of course credit for HRP. The number of credit hours is determined by the number of research hours the students performs each week according to the following equation: one credit hour is equal to three work hours per week (i.e., 3 hours of research per week equals 1 credit hour; 6 hours of research per week equals 2 credit hours; and 9 hours of research per week equals 3 credit hours). A second HRP may be taken for credit but a student’s total HRP credit hours must not exceed six.

For more information, please contact the director of the Honors Program. The deadline for submitting and HRP application is the end of the second week of the semester.

Prerequisite: Minimum of 60 credit hours (or waiver by the director), membership in the Honors Program, permission of the faculty member, permission from the faculty member’s chairperson, permission from the director of the Honors Program and permission from the Dean for the faculty member. The student must complete the Form for Registering for an Honors Research Practicum (HON 487). The student and professor will provide a description of the research project and the student’s research responsibilities (a minimum of 250 words).

HON 497 Honors Teaching Practicum 3–4 SH
The Honors Teaching Practicum (HTP) allows students to assist a professor in a class they have taken within their major or minor. The central goals of the HTP are to give students experience with some of issues involved in conveying knowledge to others and to reacquaint them with some of the central knowledge content of their field of study.

In order to accomplish these goals, students may organize study sessions, provide individual student tutorials, provide guidance with writing assignments, oversee group projects, organize class discussion sessions or oversee other related class activities. They are, however, prohibited from grading any of the activities they oversee or from performing purely administrative functions. Students are required to regularly attend the class in which they are assisting. Professors overseeing HTP students will provide students with related pedagogical materials within the area of the course and opportunities for them to reflect on these materials and their experiences in writing, such as in a journal or reacting papers.

The number of credit hours is determined by the credit hours of the course where the practicum is taking place (e.g., 3 hours for a 3 credit-hour class, or 4 hours for a course with a lab.). An HTP may be repeated one additional time for credit and may not exceed a total of eight credit hours. For more information contact the director of the University Honors Program.

Prerequisite: Minimum of 60 credit hours, permission of instructor and member of the University Honors Program or permission of the director of the Honors Program.

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