School of Arts and Sciences

Dean: Missy Alexander, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 300, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-9400
(203) 837-8525 (fax)

Assistant Dean: Cigdem Usekes, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 300, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-9406
(203) 837-8525 (fax)

Administrative Assistant: Martha Palanzo
Warner Hall 300, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-9401
(203) 837-8525 (fax)

Secretary: Bob Albert
Warner Hall 300, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9402
(203) 837-8525 (fax)


Biology & Environmental Sciences
Chair: Patrice Boily, Ph.D.
Science Building 243, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8569
(203) 837-8769 (fax)

Chair: Russell Selzer, Ph.D.
Science Building 310, Midtown campus
(203) 837- 8448
(203) 837- 8769 (fax)
Associate Chair: Paula Secondo, Ph.D.
Science Building 339, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-8795
(203) 837-8769 (fax)

Communication and Media Arts
Chair: Katy Wiss, Ph.D.
Berkshire Hall 213a, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8260
(203) 837-8912 (fax)

Computer Science
Chair: Gancho Ganchev, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 114
(203) 837-9349
(203) 837-8527 (fax)
Associate Chair: Todor Ivanov, Ph.D.
Westside Classroom Building 107
(203) 837-9356
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Chair: Donald Gagnon, Ph.D.
Berkshire Hall 223, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9062
(203) 837- 8912 (fax)

History and Non-Western Cultures
Chair: Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 218, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8565
(203) 837-8905 (fax)
Associate Chair: Jennifer Nugent Duffy, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 224, Midtown campus
(203) 837-3283
(203) 837-8905 (fax)

Chair: Josie Hamer, Ph.D.
Higgins Hall 102e, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9347
(203) 837-8769 (fax)

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
Chair: Stuart Dalton, Ph.D.
White Hall 021b, Midtown campus
(203) 837-3282
(203) 837-8905 (fax)

Physics, Astronomy & Meteorology
Chair: James P. Boyle, Ph.D.
Science Building 273, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8856
(203) 837-8320 (fax)
Associate Chair: Robert Eisenson, M.S.
Science Building 277, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8989
(203) 837-8320 (fax)

Chair: Shane Murphy, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 311, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9398
(203) 837-8905 (fax)

Social Sciences
Chair: Oluwole Owoye, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 204, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8456
(203) 837-8905 (fax)
Associate Chair: Averell Manes, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 203, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8452
(203) 837-8905 (fax)

World Languages & Literature
Chair: Galina Bakhtiarova, Ph.D.
Berkshire Hall 215D, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8734
(203) 837-8912 (fax)

Writing, Linguistics and the Creative Process
Chair: Patrick Ryan, Ph.D.
Higgins 205d, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9044
(203) 837-8912 (fax)


The School of Arts and Sciences strives to help our students develop the habits of inquiry that are the essence of a liberal arts education. We are committed to placing disciplinary expertise within a broader liberal arts context in order to encourage the creative and analytic thinking that comes with interdisciplinary thought. We expect all of our graduates to be able to access and evaluate information with reason and evidence, and to effectively communicate about that information to diverse audiences. In the School of Arts and Sciences, we believe that a liberal arts education is outstanding preparation for a productive and rewarding life.


  • To provide all students with an education that supports the development of strong critical and analytic thinking.
  • To present students with educational opportunities in the traditional arts and sciences disciplines that will prepare them for careers, further education, and an informed life.
  • To facilitate opportunities for integrative learning, allowing students to draw connections between the classroom and their many professional and community contexts.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary thinking and creative problem solving in and outside of the classroom.

To meet these objectives

  • Students complete rigorous academic programs developed by highly qualified faculty who are guided by current scholarship in their disciplines.
  • Our faculty engages students in collaborative research and learning opportunities, connecting theory with practice, applying topics learned in the classroom to real-world problems.
  • Students have many opportunities to take their knowledge outside of the classroom through internships/co-ops, service learning courses, and volunteer work in the local community and abroad.
  • We offer interdisciplinary majors, minors, courses, seminars, events, and study-abroad opportunities as a regular part of the learning environment.

The School of Arts and Sciences plays a central role in the education of every student at Western Connecticut State University. Whether through the foundations in our general education curriculum or the depth of knowledge provided by our major programs, we are committed to creating outstanding learning opportunities for all.


Undergraduate Degree Programs

Associate in Science

AS-Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts

BA- American Studies

Applied Studies


Ecological Science

Biochemistry–ACS Approval

Communication Studies
Relational Communication

BA-Computer Science

BA-Contract Major

BA-Earth and Planetary Sciences

Applied Studies



Computer Science

BA-Media Arts
Media Production
Media Studies

BA-Political Science

BA-Professional Writing
Business Writing
Creative Writing
General Writing
Journalism & Freelance
Public Relations


BA-Social Sciences
Anthropology/Sociology Studies
Family Studies
Global Studies
Multicultural Studies


Bachelor of Science

BS-Contract Major


The School of Arts and Sciences supports the Bachelor of Science (BS), elementary and secondary education, through course content in the following areas:

Elementary Education Secondary Education
American Studies Biology
Anthropology/Sociology Chemistry
Biology Earth Science
Communication English
English English (Teaching of Writing)
English (Teaching of Writing) History
History Mathematics
Mathematics Social Sciences
Political Science Spanish
Social Sciences

See School of Professional Studies for more information on the Education degree programs.


Please refer to the department area in this catalog for specific admission procedures and requirements, or contact the Office of University Admissions at (203) 837-9000.

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