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Centennial  Update - June 2002

Be a part of the Centennial celebration!

It’s the end of the year: time for spring cleaning!
What’s hiding in your office files and closets?

Contribute memorabilia and photos from our first 100 years.

The university is sponsoring a photo exhibit in honor of the Centennial. It will consist primarily of photographs of life at WestConn through the years. The exhibit also will feature artifacts and memorabilia such as scrapbooks, clothing, event programs and tickets, diplomas, certificates, catalogs, bumper stickers, election buttons, etc., as well as other items representative of life at WestConn.

Many of the photos and artifacts are coming from the archives, but we are hoping that you may have photos and/or memorabilia from your years here. Check your files and your closets. Photographs will be scanned and the originals returned to you, unless you wish to donate the image(s) to the archives. Memorabilia will be on display (in secure, locked display cases) during the first month of the Centennial and will be returned to you, unless you wish to donate the item(s) to the archives so that it may become a part of the university’s permanent history. We are hoping to make the exhibit as dynamic and diverse as possible and welcome your donations.

Please contact Meg Moughan, university archivist, with any suggestions/submissions as soon as possible. You may contact Meg by sending an email to or calling (203) 837-8992.

What activities are taking place on campus on September 14?

  • Theatre Skits
  • Gala Musical Concert at Ives
  • Ruth Haas Memorial Tea
  • “Remember When” Photo Exhibit
  • Basketball Shoot-Out Contest for a car
  • Outstanding Alumni Honors Ceremony w Alumni & Friends Circle
  • Children’s Storytelling
  • Alumni/Faculty Art Exhibit
  • Unveiling of Presidential Portraits
  • Carnival Rides
  • Centennial Book Signing
  • Campus Tours
  • Fireworks
  • Origami Demonstration
  • Nursing Department Open House Re-Dedication
  • Nature Preserve Tours
  • University Computing Through The Ages

Know "little-known" facts?

Then give us a call!

During the Centennial year, "The News-Times" has offered to place "little-known facts" about WestConn in the paper. The facts will run from September 2002 to May 2003.

Thanks to "The News-Times" for it's support of WestConn's Centennial!

Spotlight on a Centennial

“The News-Times” Wayne Shepperd — A True Community Leader

We recently sat down with Wayne Shepperd, president of “The News-Times” and a Centennial Steering Committee member, to discuss his role in the Centennial celebration and his vision for involving the greater Danbury community.

What is your involvement with the Centennial?

I serve as the co-chair of the Community sub-committee. We are in charge of bringing as many people — alumni or not — back onto the campus to appreciate what a jewel we have in our midst.

What does the Centennial mean for WestConn? For Danbury?

The Centennial gives the university an opportunity to tell people in our region and throughout the state that the academic programs at the school have grown immeasurably over the last several years. The new buildings on campus have given the students a learning-friendly environment in which to enjoy the academic programs. Now is the time for the citizens of Danbury to recognize how valuable a part of our city WestConn is. The school will no longer be overlooked, not if our committee successfully fulfills its mission.

How are things going?

Quite well. Local radio stations WRKI/WINE, 98Q/WLAD and Comcast Cable, along with “The News-Times,” have agreed to help spread the word. Union Savings Bank and Danbury Hospital also are on board.

What have you learned about the university?

It’s been amazing to see local businesses take a look inward and discover just how many WestConn alumni are working for them. “The News-Times” has 26 grads, Boehringer-Ingelheim, I believe, has 80+, and the Danbury School System has more than 400 alumni employed. So there is a distinct hand-in-hand relationship between the university and the local business community.

What do you think is WestConn’s best-kept secret?

The elegance of the White Street Midtown campus once you set foot on it. The trees, benches, banners — it’s very academic. It’s very different from the corporate world.

WestCafé sets tone for Centennial celebration

More than 200 hundred members of the WestConn faculty and staff attended a "pre-Centennial" bash on Wednesday, May 8, as part of the weekly WestCafé gathering. Members of the WestConn community received free Centennial T-shirts and food while enjoying a live jazz musical performance.

President Dr. James R. Roach gave a brief update of the Centennial events planned for the 2002-2003 school year and thanked the various committees involved with this "once-in-a-hundred" event. Thanks for coming!

Centennial license plates still available!

What better way to show your pride and celebrate WestConn’s 100th birthday than with an official WestConn centennial license plate?

This DMV-approved, first-edition plate is available to all members of the WestConn community and can be ordered through the Office of Alumni Relations. The price is $100 for a transferred plate and $200 for a new vanity plate. For more information, call the Office of Alumni Relations at (203) 837-8290.

Centennial Steering Committee Members

General Chair
James R. Roach

G. Koryoe Anim-Wright
Henry Tritter

Committee Members

Mark Boughton
Anthony Caraluzzi
Edward Farrington
Isabelle Farrington
Mary V. Figueroa
Carol Hawkes
John Leopold
Caroline Norelius
Ronald Pugliese
Wayne Shepperd
Theresa Canada
Theresa Eberhard
Gene Eriquez
Shirley C. Ferris
Richard Gerber
Herbert Janick
Helen Masterson
James Pegolotti
Bernard Reidy
Richard Sullivan


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