This one semester course is designed for the under prepared student to enter General Chemistry (CHE 110) or Survey of Chemistry (CHE 120). It concentrates on basic concepts and principles using a mathematical and quantitative approach. Among these are the scientific method and philosophy, measurement, nomenclature, atomic structure, formulas and equations, periodicity, bonding, solutions, acids, bases, salts, stoichiometry, and redox reactions. Emphasis will be placed on the mole concept. By attaining a grade of "C" or better in this course, a student will be admitted to CHE 110 without the placement exam. Students majoring or minoring in chemistry may not apply credit for this course toward meeting their chemistry requirements. Science majors should consult with their departments. Every Semester. ( 3 hours lecture - 2 hours laboratory). 

Prerequisite or co-requisite: MAT 100 or equivalent.


(1) Students entering the Chemistry department who desire to take either CHE 110 or CHE 120 must take the CHEMISTRY PLACEMENT EXAM, the grade for which determines placement into CHE 110/CHE 120 or into CHE 100.  The placement exam schedule is located in this website here.  If no exams dates are listed, please call the chemistry office (203-837-8669).

(2) Students require a permission form to register for CHE 100.  Please call the chemistry office (203-837-8669) for further information.