This drawing was provided by the architectural firms of Fletcher/Thomson of Bridgeport, CT and Mitchell/Giurgola of New York, NY.

    The new science center opened in August of 2005.  The building, located on the midtown campus, houses the departments of Chemistry, Biological and Environmental Sciences and Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology. 

    Here are some photos tracking the progress of the construction.

    This is the football field in July 2002.

   By February of 2003, the playing surface had been removed.

   This is April 2003, and the snows have finally melted.

   In June of 2003, foundation work was in progress.

 In August of 2003, steel girders are rising.

In the second week of classes (Sept. 2003), the skeleton has taken shape.

Some of the dignitaries at the groundbreaking ceremony on September 23, 2003.

The second wing has risen, October 2003.

November 2003:  Two wings at equal height.

December 2003:  The third wing has risen as the building becomes part of the campus-area skyline.

January 2004:  Inside work progresses in the intense cold.

February 2004:  Osborne Street view on a cold, blustery day.

March 2004:  Front of building.  Cinder block enclosure is progressing.

April 2004:  Beams separating individual rooms as well as some outside walls are being installed.

MAY 2004:  Brick facing is beginning to cover the exterior.

JUNE 2004:  Interior and exterior progress.  Wall studs are beginning to demark rooms.

JULY 2004:  One wing of the building is well along!

AUGUST 2004:  The front of the building has taken form.

SEPTEMBER 2004:  The beginning of the Fall 2004 semester brings a taste of the final look of the exterior.

OCTOBER 2004:  Front of building.

November 2004: Center section still under construction.

December 2004: Outside work nearing completion.

January 2005: Front of building.

February 2005.

March 2005: The exterior looking north and, as a result of our first visit inside the building, an image of a new chemistry laboratory.

APRIL 2005:  View of the greenhouse.

MAY 2005:  Exterior is basically done.

JUNE 2005:  View looking west.

JULY 2005:  Two views taken from the third-floor balcony.  The move in has begun.

AUGUST 2005:  The quiet exterior belies the flurry of moving, unpacking and organizing inside.