WCSU Early Learning Center


Well, just as tuition at WestConn is reasonably priced, so is child care! Below is a table of current rates at the Early Learning Center. Grants for child care funding are available for WCSU students who qualify. Please check with the director, Lauren Halpin, to learn more about grants for WCSU students and whether you qualify.

Readmission Process and Fee

In the spring, currently enrolled families are given a readmission application to complete and return. If we do not receive your paperwork on the designated days, we will begin enrollment of new families on the waiting list.


The fees are based on two separate scales:

  • WCSU Rate for children of WCSU students, faculty and staff
  • The Community Rate for all others


Tuition rates 

WCSU Students, Faculty and Staff Only

 Full Day                                               Part Day

7:30am-5:30pm                                                      7:30am-12:30pm or 12:30-5:30pm
5 Full Days = $175/week                                           M through F ½ days = $100/week
3 Full Days, (M, W, F) = $118/week                           3 (½ )days (M, W, F) = $60/week
2 Full Days, (T, Th) = $82/week                                2 (½) days (T, Th)  = $42/week

WCSU rates are contingent upon proof of employment with the university or student status (at least part-time matriculated status).

Community Rates                                                   

Full Day                                                Part Day

7:30am-5:30pm                                                       7:30am-12:30pm or 12:30-5:30pm
Full Time (Full day 5 days) = $212/week                     M-F (½) day = $145/week
3 full days (M, W, F) = $154/week                              3 (½) days (M, W, F)  = $89/week
2 full days (T, Th) = $100/week                                  2 (½) days (T, Th)  = $60/week

Interested in applying? Please complete the Registration Form on-line and email completed form to HalpinL@wcsu.edu Please note space is limited.