ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

October, 13 2007

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

September 13, 2007, 12:30pm-2pm, OM304

Present: Rich Montague, Hugh McCarney, Lorraine Capobianco, Fred Zarnowski, Veronica Kenausis, Rona Gurkewitz, Kit Hinga, Dan Goble, Rebecca Woodward, Kit Hinga. Guest: Steve Veillette

Greetings and Introductions:

Lorraine welcomed the ITC members at the opening meeting. Hugh McCarney has resumed his role as the Arts & Sciences School Technology Chair as a result of Mitch Wagener becoming the Biology Department Chair. Kit Hinga joined the ITC in the official role of the School of Professional Studies Technology Chair.  Dan Goble is now officially the School of Visual Arts Technology Chair. Imran Qazi, SGA President was asked to appointment student representatives.  Imran spoke to Lorraine and said he would discuss this issue at the next SGA meeting.  In the meantime, the agenda and minutes will be emailed to Imran and he may attend the October meeting.

Fall 2007 Opening Comments

Lorraine asked the ITC for feedback on the start of school. Richard Montague asked when WS127 will have projection. Rich noted that when Jody Rajcula teaches in WS127, she needs a temporary projection set up from UC (University Computing). This arrangement will continue until the room is completed. The projection for WS127 as well as the Ives Concert Hall will be done by an outside contractor. The pricing for the Ives Concert Hall was high and UC is working with Laura Tittemore to do the area in stages. Rona Gurkewitz noted that the remote for the projector in WS116 doesn’t work. It will be looked at. Rona requested Eclipse and TextPad software applications for WS116. Steve Veillette will get pricing for the software and it will be ordered.  Rona pointed out that there are no floppy disk drives in the new desktops in WS116. Lorraine said that floppy drives are not available on new computers. Rich suggested that Lorraine send an email to all faculty and staff notifying them that as we replace computers at the university, they will not have floppy diskette drives. Rich also suggested that Lorraine provide simple, economical alternatives to saving data on floppy diskettes for students, faculty, and staff in the email. Jump drives are an economical alternative. Rona suggested that a network drive be created for students to save their homework. Lorraine said that students can save documents on their H drive. The N drive is a shared drive for faculty and students. Veronica Kenausis asked if faculty have to request access to the N drive. Lorraine said she would review the policy. Kit Hinga noted that the network drives provide an affordable, easy solution for students to save their work. Dan Goble noted that the license for Pyeware Ware will expire soon. Dan praised University Computing staff again in doing a great job of setting up new faculty with their technology at the start of the semester. Veronica Kenausis noted that students like using wireless laptops, available for loan in the Library.  As a direct result of having wireless connectivity, students are asking for wireless printing capability. Lorraine said that wireless printing will be available in approximately a month. Rebecca Woodward noted that Media Services is phasing out support for 35mm slide projectors. Rebecca said replacement parts for 35mm slide projectors are too difficult to find and the projectors themselves are no longer available to purchase. Support will continue through this academic year. As an alternative, Media Services will offer assistance to faculty to scan and save images. 

New Technology Website-

Lorraine showed the ITC members the new and enhanced technology website at the meeting. Many of the changes were the direct result of feedback UC received from the university community. The Faculty/Staff Technology Guide; Student Technology Guide and other documents located on the website were distributed to the ITC members for their review and feedback. The ITC members were asked to save and review the documents for further discussion at the October 11, 2007 meeting. Lorraine would like to hear what other enhancements the ITC would like to see added to the technology website. Two initial suggestions were made. Faculty would like it to be easier to find “Open/Close”.  Rich Montague suggested that the ITC agendas and minutes be posted on the technology website.

University Computing Annual Report

Lorraine distributed the University Computing Information Technology Annual Report 2006-2007 to the ITC and asked them to spread the word on what has been done. The committee can review the report in more detail at the October ITC meeting. The UC IT Annual Report FY0607 is available at . Lorraine asked Rebecca and Veronica to email their respective annual reports to her. The Media Services annual report is available at here. The Library Systems annual report is available here .

FY0607 ITC Software Install Status

The status report was distributed to the committee. Just about everything was distributed.

Technology Update

The attached Technology Update – September 2007 document was distributed to the ITC.  Lorraine discussed in detail the accomplishments attained over the summer and the projects that are currently underway. 

The FY0405 & FY0506 Bond Money NEW & USED MACHINE Allocation Spreadsheets were distributed to the school technology chairs and Veronica.  All new faculty have been received their technology and UC will continue to complete open installs. Lorraine asked the school technology chairs to continue to inform UC of priority installs.

Lorraine noted that bi-level tables were installed in Hi210 for student stations. The level of the front top panel is lower than the back top panel. The student’s view of the front of the room is less obstructed. Lorraine invited the ITC members to look at the tables and provide Lorraine with feedback. WS116 will be done with these tables.  With regards to technology classroom instructor stations, Lorraine said that UC will go back to all the technology classrooms to insure that there is a laptop connection for faculty who want to connect their laptop.  The instructor station desktop is for connecting to the internet and shared drives. The laptop can be used as another computer that connects to the projector only. It will not be on our network so only local resources can be displayed on the projector.  Rebecca said the 37 VCRs will be replaced with VCR/DVD combo units by the end of the Fall 2007 semester.  Rebecca asked for feedback from the ITC on rooms that should be given priority.

The 8/31/07 Bond Commission Meeting was again cancelled.  To date, equipment monies for FY0607 and FY0708 have not been bonded. Therefore, we are slowly using up the FY0506 bond monies. Lorraine mentioned that because we do not know when more equipment monies will be available, we need to upgrade or replace computers and peripherals in an “emergency or critical” situation.  

Current Base Software Demo and FY0708 $20k and $7k ITC Software

Steve Veillette provided a demo of the “Current Base Software” Survey that will be used to collect data from faculty.  Dan Goble asked if the $20k and $7k funds for ITC software will be available this year.  Lorraine said that the ITC will review the results from faculty to determine what software will be purchased.  The goal is to have 100% funding. Lorraine also said that she is committed to funding the software requests that faculty identify as essential to make or keep their academic disciplines competitive in the marketplace. An email will go out soon to all faculty with the URL, survey directions, due dates and final commitments to purchase and install. Please spread the work so that we have 100% response from academic departments.

Other Items and Future Agenda Items

Lorraine suggested that the ITC might want to ask faculty for proposals for new technology they want to pilot and integrate into their curriculum. Last year, UC funded robots for the Computer Science Department. Ruth Guyre is using podcasting and UC is in the process of arranging a demo for student response hardware and software for interested faculty. Nursing wants to use PDAs when they go into the hospitals. The library digitized audio for the Music Department. Lorraine mentioned that Dr. Rinker and the other provosts and the system office are purchasing E-tutoring service from CTDLC. UC is also looking into blogging software as well as e-portfolio software or web-based e-portfolios. The Distance Ed subcommittee of the University Senate also looked into e-portfolios and wrote a report.

Lorraine distributed two documents to the committee, eLearning Platform Study Project and Connecticut to Get New Laptop Security Rules.  Fred Zarnowski will provide a list of Information Security classes in Banner data that was developed by a system-wide security group. Rich Parmalee and Muhammad Ismail represented WestConn. Lorraine mentioned that she receives many electronic newsletters and will forward them to the ITC. 

School Technology Committees

Lorraine will attend the 9/26/07 Ancell Instructional Resource Committee (AIRC) meeting at 2:30pm in WS241.The 0708 AIRC Committee members are Richard Montague, MIS and AIRC Chair; Emilio Collar, MIS; Duane Moser, ACC; Sara DeLoughy, FIN; Anthony Markert, JLA; Stan Bazan, MGT; Arlene Kreinik, MGT; Ron Drozdenko, MKT.

Lorraine will attend the Arts and Sciences (A&S) School Technology Committee meeting on 10/1/07 at 2:30pm in SB281. The A&S Technology Committee members are Hugh McCarney, Communication, and A&S School Technology Chair; Kate Allocco, History; Galina Bakhtiarova, World Languages & Literature; John Briggs, English; Bill Joel, Computer Science; Rondell Khoo, Psychology; Maureen Maguire, English; Zuohong Pan, Social Sciences; Chuck Rocca, Math; Paula Secondo, Chemistry; Linda Vaden-Goad, Dean, A&S; Mitch Wagener, Biology.

School of Professional Studies (SPS) Technology Committee members are Kit Hinga, Social Work; SPS Technology Chair; John Caruso, Education; Laurel Halloran, Nursing; Jeffrey Schlicht, HPX. Kit will let Lorraine know when a date has been set for the meeting.

School of Visual & Performing Arts (SVPA) Technology Committee members are Dan Goble, Music, SVPA Technology Chair; Sal Trapani, Theater Arts; Terry Wells, Art. Dan will let Lorraine know when a date has been set for the meeting.

Lorraine would like to review the following issues at each school’s technology committee meeting.

  1. Role of the school technology committee and role of each department IT representative
  2. School Technology Committee rosters are on the IT website
  3. How departments and school chairs work with their school IT representatives with regard to ordering faculty IT hardware and software and approximate deadline dates
  4. Role of the university-wide ITC in relationship to the school IT committees
  5. Enhance the technology website in reference to the ITC
  6. Procedures for faculty with regard to returning their computers, etc. upon their retirement or leaving WestConn
  7. All technology purchases must first be submitted to the CIO regardless of the funding source (department, desktop money, etc.)
  8. New laptop polices

ITC Meeting Schedule for Fall 2007

The ITC will meet on the second Thursday of each month from 12:30pm-2:00pm in OM304.  The dates for Fall 2007 are October 11th, November 8th, December 13th.