ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

March, 14 2008

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

February 14, 2008, 12:30pm-2pm, OM 304

Present: Rich Montague, Hugh McCarney, Kit Hinga, Rona Gurkewitz, Lorraine Capobianco, Fred Zarnowski, Rebecca Woodward, Dan Goble, Ryan Shea, Michael Hebron

Verification of School Technology Committees Members

Please recall that ITC membership, rosters for school committees, bylaws, agendas, calendar and minutes can be found at  Lorraine distributed the rosters for the school technology committees. The school technology chairs reviewed the lists and confirmed the memberships. No changes were made.  

ITC Representation on the Strategic Plan Implementation Team for Facilities

Beth Amyot, Chair of the Strategic Plan Implementation Team for Facilities requested a representative from the ITC serve on this team.  Lorraine asked faculty at the meeting to let her know if they would like to represent the ITC. Otherwise, Lorraine will be the ITC representative. To date, Lorraine is the representative.


The WS116 renovation was successfully completed over the intersession. Lorraine noted that all parties involved in the renovation stayed on the schedule created by Dan Costello, Associate VP for Facilities.  Lorraine would like to thank Gene Tosetti, Andy Jurgens, Karl Faulkner, Bob Jasinski, Frank Conte, Nedeljko Mikac, and all Maintenance staff who worked on the project for all their efforts. Lorraine believes that everyone is pleased with the WS116 renovations. The ITC members agreed that the Bose subwoofer should be mounted and the VCR/DVD combo unit would be better placed on the right side of the instructor station desk. UC (University Computing) and Media Services will address these suggestions. The projection for WS127 and the Ives Concert Hall will be completed during spring break. The plan for the MIS Information Security Lab has been finalized. Planning and Engineering must complete the design. The project should be completed by mid-June. The Westside Computer Center (WSCC) will receive a new row of 7 student computer stations. UC purchased Hewlett Packard small form factor desktops for these stations. We want to see how they compare to the Lenovo workstations. Wireless printing in residence halls is now available in Centennial, Litchfield, and Newbury Halls. The order for the tables for WS208 classroom is ready to be placed. Preventative maintenance contracts and if available, extended warranties have been purchased for two SimMan and one SimKid computerized manikins at Midtown and one SimMan at Waterbury.  Adobe Creative Suite 3 Professional has been ordered for WH305.  The ITC expressed concern about the process that Human Resources used for deploying security training. Some of faculty and staff thought it was spam and deleted the email. Others did not know who Lanier C was and others did not appreciate the mandate to complete the exercise by March 14, 2008. There was also confusion on whether one course or all red asterisk courses needed to be completed by March 14, 2008. Lorraine agreed that an email should have gone out first explaining the process and intent of the training. Lorraine said that Muhammad Ismail, our Network Security Specialist contributed to the content and stated that the purpose of the training is to raise awareness of various aspects of information security.

Outlook/Exchange 2007 is now live at the university. Jeff Postolowski and Patricia O’Neill, who were instrumental in the implementation, are currently using it. All University Computing will migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange over the next few weeks. We will be testing the migration tools to migrate email/calendar events from Lotus Notes to Exchange. So far it is going well. Outlook 2007 is the email client for PCs and Entourage 2008 is the Mac email client. Exchange 2007 is the backend or server platform. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is the web version for both the PC and Mac. Lorraine noted that Office Mac 2008 was just released. The university will also move from using BlackBerry devices to window-based smartphones. During the months of March, April and May, UC will work to move faculty and staff to Outlook/Exchange. We will migrate existing email and calendar events to Exchange. Lorraine noted that training for faculty on Outlook will be offered before they leave for the summer.

CSU has signed a contract with Microsoft Live@Edu to host email for students. More details will follow. Students will move to Live@Edu over the summer and fall/2008. Email/calendar entries will not be migrated to Exchange.
The State Bond Commission approved the allocation of funds for Connecticut State University System capital projects and programs for FY08. Four million was bonded for the purchase of new and replacement equipment which includes Desktop Computing and Technology in the Classroom money.  Of that money, we will receive 80%.  Twenty-percent will go into the 2020 initiative. Western will receive $625,000 for improvements to academic buildings and $365,000 for auxiliary service minor capital projects program.  There will be no equipment money for FY07. Again, the FY07 money goes into the 2020 initiative. Moving forward, Lorraine asked the technology chairs and Veronica Kenausis to gather requests for machines from faculty and to focus on replacing machines that are 3+ years and older. Lorraine discussed the technology needs for Media Services with Rebecca Woodward.  Media Services at MT will receive a desktop computer and laser printer; Media Services at Westside will receive a desktop computer.  Media Services will also try a Tablet computer at MT. Kit Hinga asked what the plan is for technology for new faculty. Lorraine said that UC will pay for the machines for 15 new faculty lines/positions.  Lorraine will talk to Provost Rinker to find out as soon as possible what faculty the university plans to hire so we can plan for their technology needs. Kit asked what information she should be asking faculty who want machines. Staying within the standard technology we offer, faculty should request a desktop/laptop, pc/Mac, printer. The headcounts will be finalized based on fall 2007 faculty lists from Human Resources. Gail Walsh will send the headcounts to the school technology chairs and Veronica for review and approval.

Next Meeting – Thursday, March 13, 2008, STUDENT CENTER 226, 12:15-1:45pm