ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

October, 11 2008

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

September 11, 2008, 12:15pm-1:45pm, OM 304

Present: Rich Montague, Rona Gurkewitz, Lorraine Capobianco, Rebecca Woodward, Dan Goble, Kit Hinga, Ryan Shea, Fred Zarnowski, Edmund Breitling, Veronica Kenausis

Committee Membership

Lorraine thanked Hugh McCarney for representing Arts & Sciences during Mitch Wagener’s leave from the committee and welcomed Mitch back. Welcome to new member Edmund Breitling, SGA President.

ITC Meeting Schedule

Dan Goble will try to adjust his schedule with his students in order to attend the entire meeting. Lorraine suggested that we start the meeting at noon and asked the committee members if that would work for everyone. The committee members agreed to meet from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. The ITC will continue to meet on the second Thursday of the month in OM304. The next meeting will take place on Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 12:00 noon.

Start of the Semester

Lorraine asked the committee for feedback on the start of the semester processes/issues. Dan mentioned that course scheduling was a challenging and cumbersome process. Rich Montague mentioned that updated schedule information was not being entered into Banner by the Registrar’s office on a timely basis leading to inaccurate information being displayed on open/close. Was this because the Associate Registrar transferred to UC? Paul Prisco, Associate Registrar accepted the ERP/Academic Applications position in University Computing before the start of the semester. In this role, Paul will work with academic systems and new enhancements in Banner. Lorraine assured Provost Linda Rinker and Registrar Lourdes Cruz that Paul would complete the SP/09 schedule, help the office at the beginning of the semester, document processes and train other Registrar staff, and share the lead with the Registrar for Ad Astra Platinum implementation. The hiring freeze will not allow for a replacement for Paul. Rich also mentioned that there wasn’t enough time to get corrected schedules for SP/09 to the Dean. On the web, the registration schedule was available in pdf format with faculty names. Now you see “TBA.” Lorraine said she would speak to Provost Rinker and Bill Hawkins about these issues.

Rona Gurkewitz asked about last year’s ITC software requests. Lorraine will provide each technology committee chair and Veronica a list of last year’s software survey results by department for their respective schools. Through last year’s software survey, UC had hoped to gather two sets of information:  what software faculty/department currently use and what software faculty/department need to keep their discipline competitive in today’s marketplace. Lorraine assured the ITC that all urgent needs for software were addressed while survey information is being compiled.

Dan requested two new machines for the Midi Lab. Mitch requested that the technology in SB244 be upgraded. There are 10 pcs and 10 Macs and a printer in the lab. Dan requested technology for Sal Trapani, Theatre Arts once space is allocated. Lorraine said that Apple has offered an additional 10% discount off of the normal educational discount on iMacs. The Macs in the music lab and practice rooms and the Macs and pcs in SB244 will be upgraded. Additionally, the AppleCare will cover a 4-year period with this time-limited offer.    

On behalf of Hugh McCarney, Mitch requested to have the machines and software replaced in the Berkshire Video Editing classroom. In an email addressed to Lorraine, Hugh provided recommendations for both hardware and software. Lorraine will meet with faculty, Steve Veillette, Jason Esposito and Rebecca Woodward to put together a plan for the Berkshire Video Editing classroom.    

Lorraine sent an email to all users this morning about a Trojan/Virus email is circulating the Internet. It has a subject line like “UPS Tracking Number XXX” and has a zip attachment containing an executable. If you receive one of these emails, DO NOT open the attachment. Delete it immediately. Also, make sure that your anti-virus program is up to date and actively protecting your computer. If you already opened this email and your computer is already infected, please contact the help desk at 78467 for assistance. Lorraine asked the committee to inform faculty/staff.  

Rich suggested that Lorraine send an email to faculty reminding them to use their access code at the start of class and secure the room at the end of class. The incoming instructor should complete the same process and not enter the room without using their own code. Rich also mentioned that the tables in WS241 were taken out of formation and if this was done to suit to the purpose of the class or event, then another room should have used.

Lorraine discussed the hiring freeze declared by Governor Rell. Faculty positions were granted “exemption from hiring freeze.” ERP/Academic Applications Manager position and a vacant web developer position in UC were approved as “exemption from hiring freeze.” The interviews are scheduled for next week. Lorraine mentioned plans for the creation of the Academic Success Center for students and the plans for an Instructional Technology Center for faculty. Lorraine asked the school technology chairs to survey their committees for topics that they would like to see offered by the Instructional Technology Center.

Beginning Wednesday, August 27, all Macintosh computers on campus will automatically lock after 15 minutes of inactivity. You will need to enter your windows username and password to unlock the computer to resume use. The enforcement of this policy is required by system-wide security policies and brings the Macintosh computers in line with all other computers on campus.

Review of Summer Projects & Replacement Plan

Lorraine distributed and reviewed a list of summer projects to the ITC. The following is a summary of the accomplishments and approximate costs. 

        Approximate cost
WA 318 Psychology 30 desktops w 17” fpm    


WH 137 Nursing Lab 5 desktops w 17” fpm    


WS 219 Finance 30 laptops    


WH 301 Math 30 used laptops    


Founders Hall 205 25 laptops    


HI 114 HPX Projector, HP, 17” fpm Instr. Table, carpet Sony DVD combo


WS 208 tables      


MT & WS 24hr labs 18 used desktops    


MT & WS Comp Ctrs. 108 desktops w 17” fpm Furniture  


MIS Security classroom 12 desktops 12 laptops Tables, chairs Servers, printers


WSCC Computer Ctr (C4) 30 desktops w 17” fpm Desks, chairs Color and b/w laser prtrs


Net Support School      

$ 9,700

4 OpScan Scanners @SB, WSCB, WA, WH    


13 New / upgrade servers      


VMWare Infrastructure      


Black/White and Color & HP4250 printer upgrades for labs      


OM Generator UC balance after DPW    


Microsoft Campus Agreement      


Continue Wireless Implementation      


Total Summer 2008 Expenditure      


Wireless Update

Before the start of the semester, there were 8 buildings out of 22 left to complete wireless networking. Of those 8, 2 were being worked on and will be live shortly. All academic and ResHall buildings were complete by September 2, 2008. Administrative and ancillary buildings are left. The Science Building, Westside Campus Center, Westside Classroom building, Midtown Student Center, Warner Hall, Haas Library, Berkshire Hall, White Hall, Irfan Kathwari Honors House, Centennial Hall, Newbury Hall, Litchfield Hall, Pinney Hall and Grasso Hall are complete. Higgins and Fairfield Halls are being worked on for completion in early Fall. The following buildings need to be finished and/or started: Old Main (has hotspots on the 2nd and 3rd floor); University Hall (has hotspots in President’s Conference Room); O’Neill Center (has hotspots in Athletic Director’s office); Westside Athletic Complex; Observatory; and Boiler House.
Wireless printing is now available in the WS Campus Center Information Desk, Centennial Hall Lounge, Litchfield Hall Lounge, MT 24-hour lab (SC 214a), MTCC, Newbury Hall Lounge, Science Building 24-hour Lab (SB 127), STTC (SC 225), WS Campus Center Computer Center, WS 24-hour lab (WS 247c), and WSCC. To find out more about wireless areas are on campus go to 

C 4 – WS Campus Center Computer Center

As a result of requests by students for additional staffed computer centers, the C 4 was created. The ribbon cutting ceremony was September 10th. The C 4 has 28 new PC workstations, 1 24” iMac station, group workstation, 2 graphic stations with scanners, black/white and color laser printers, Wi-Fi and lounge area available for laptop users. For more information about the C4 go to or

Machine Allocations and Desktop Funds

Lorraine asked the school technology chairs and Veronica to refrain from adding new machine allocations to their respective FY 05, 06, 08 Bond Money New and Used Machine Allocation Spreadsheet until Gail Walsh updates them. Lorraine distributed a document that lists current status on machine installations. Lorraine also provided that latest “Distribution of Desktop Funds FY0099 through FY0708” to the tech chairs and Veronica. Lorraine believes the FY09 equipment money for desktop and servers and technology in the classroom will be bonded and she will have move information later in the semester as the process continues.
Gail will email the July 2008 machine pricing spreadsheet to the school technology chairs and Veronica as a reference. Updated pricing will be provided as it is received.

PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PWC) and Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) Audits. Lorraine informed the ITC that WestConn’s four open audit issues with PWC are now closed. The APA software issue remains an open issue for all four universities. Among other regulations, the APA policy states that a physical inventory of all university-purchased software must be done which is not possible at this time.  

As of 6/20/08, in addition to being CIO at WestConn, Lorraine was appointed Interim CIO at SCSU by Chancellor Carter. Lorraine has been working 3 to 4 days per week at SCSU and the balance of her time at WestConn. The search committee for a permanent CIO at SCSU is actively pursuing a replacement. Lorraine hopes to return to WestConn shortly after the start of the semester. (UPDATE:  Lorraine’s Tenure at Southern ended September 19th and she has returned full time to WestConn)

ResponseCard Keypads (also known as clickers) – Update

Ron Drozenko, John Cronin and Steve Veillette are using clickers in their classrooms. To date, we have purchased 170 clickers (Turning Technologies Student Response System (SRS)) which is the hardware solution. The software solution will be looked at for possible future purchase for multistation classrooms. A SRS is a software and wireless hardware system that allows instructors/presenters to present questions via PowerPoint or Blackboard Vista and allows students/participants to submit a response using a ResponseCard keypad. Students will sign an on-loan form for the ResponseCard keypads and if it is not returned, a $35 charge will be put on their student account. The SRS will not interfere with the wireless technology at the university and can be used within 100 feet of placement of the receiver. If the clickers become popular, freshmen will buy them and use them for their stay at WestConn. That is how other universities have implemented this technology tool.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, October 9, 2008, 12:00noon to 1:30pm, OM304.