ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

October, 10 2009

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

September 10, 2009, 12-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (chair), Veronica Kenausis, Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Kit Hinga, Rebecca Woodward, William Joel, Dan Goble, Todd McInerney

ITC Bylaws – Membership

  • Lorraine welcomed Bill Joel, Chair, Computer Science as the CS representative. 
  • Lorraine motioned the following Bylaw changes in membership as follows: 
    • 8.  University Computing representative, appointed by Chief Information Officer, ex officio;  
    • 9.  Director of Media Services or designee, ex officio;
    • 10.  Director of Library Services or designee, ex officio;

    Motion was approved.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine will forward the changes to the Senate for approval. Upon approval, Lorraine will appoint Todd McInerney as the UC representative.

The Beginning of Fall 2009 Semester

  • Dan Goble and Mitch Wagener said UC (University Computing) staff did a wonderful job with preparing technology in classrooms and for students, faculty and staff.  Bill Joel thanked UC for the new computers in WS103a. Other than a few software applications, WS103a is all set.   
  • Lorraine stressed to the ITC that every effort has to be made to lock technology classrooms and offices containing technology to help prevent thefts.  She asked the school technology chairs to meet with their committees soon and to once again discuss locking classrooms and offices that have technology. Out of the 131 technology classrooms, 76 have access control.  Bill asked that Access Control in WS103 be configured similar to WH305 & WH306 – once unlocked, the door will automatically lock after a pre-determined interval (e.g. 60 sec.).  Lorraine said Computer Center student employees check technology classrooms for many items and unsecured classrooms are noted in the report.  Several faculty members on the ITC said if they notice an open, unoccupied classroom, they will secure it.  If faculty members don’t have card access or a key, Campus Police should be called to secure the room.  Technology classrooms with locks can be locked with a TR1 key and every faculty member should have one.  If they don’t have one, they can request it from WestConnect Office.   Rich Montague suggested that the WestConnect Office run a report identifying the rooms left unsecured at 11pm.  All rooms are secured remotely at the end of the night.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine will request a report. 

Technology for New Faculty

  • ITC machine allocation spreadsheets were distributed and all new faculty installations are complete.      
  • The next equipment order will be submitted to the SO using 2020 funds.  Along with the order, Lorraine must identify who the equipment is for and where it will be located. An order for approximately 30 Mitsubishi projectors will be placed using 2020 funds.  The original Sharp projectors installed in 1998 and 1999 are starting to fail.  Lorraine noted that we certainly got our money’s worth from those projectors. 
  • Our standard is a four-year replacement plan.  But during these tough fiscal times, we need to consider an individual’s need or the age of their current technology and when the technology was installed.  ACTION ITEM:  Gail will gather this information from previous machine allocation spreadsheets for the ITC school technology chairs. Lorraine mentioned that as money becomes tighter, it will be difficult to justify 2 or more computers per individual.  Hopefully the information that Gail will gather will show us who has two or more machines.  ACTION ITEM:  Mitch asked Lorraine to review the Arts & Sciences criteria for purchasing new computers and printers for faculty.

Technology Classrooms

  • Last year, Theatre Arts and HPX requested technology classrooms.  Three new classrooms were put on line this summer, HA012, HA202A and HA202B.  Theatre Arts is the “Responsible Department” for HA012 and HPX is the “Responsible Department” for HA202A.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine needs input from the ITC school technology chairs on what department should be the “Responsible Department” for HA202B.  Recommendations will be submitted to Provost Linda Rinker by Lorraine.
  • Lists of outstanding software purchases and recent software purchases were distributed to the ITC.  Lorraine asked the school technology chairs to share these software lists with their committees and ask them if they have the software they need for AY0910.  ACTION ITEM:  We have 20 licenses for Sigma Plot, and Lorraine would like to who needs it.  ACTION ITEM:  Rebecca Woodward requested Adobe Creative Suite. ACTION ITEM:  Maple needs to be added to the list of Outstanding Software Purchases as well as ProTools upgrade for WH219, Ives Concert Hall Sound Booth, and Dan Goble.  ACTION ITEM:  Mitch and Veronica agreed to test free bibliography software and EndNote.  Lorraine wants to standardize the bibliography software used at WestConn and publicize it.  At this time, it is uncertain whether or not funds will be available for requests for software for classrooms/labs and faculty research. 

ConnectSuite –

  • The Connect Suite is a collection of web-based services for students and is hosted by the Microsoft LiveEDU service. The suite includes services such as: ConnectMail, WestConn’s new e-mail system; Office Live, an online document collaboration tool; and SkyDrive, an online file storage service. There are many other collaboration and communication tools built into the suite and throughout the year, we will be highlighting some of the services and add them to the Connect Suite website.
  • Two future initiatives connect mail on smart devices and mobile web will soon be available for students. 

Summer 2009 Projects

  • Many projects were completed and UC continues to work on the balance.
    WSCC large monitor (DONE)           Various Infrastructure projects (Phase I DONE)
    Reuse WS117 monitor in Admissions (DONE) Hyperion Interactive Reporting for Banner
    SB125 audio issues New Juniper Firewalls (DONE)
    WS243 Projection (DONE) Theatre Dept. in HI needs 12 Macs & 2 Mac laptops
    WS103 (CS classroom/lab) (DONE) Sound Booth
    Haas machines (First Floor DONE) MT, WS, Wtby instructor stations
    Young machines (DONE) Various software upgrades (Partially DONE)
    MIS Information Security classroom/lab Various faculty and staff workstations (Partially DONE)
    STTC – cpu/monitors (DONE) Review all tech classrooms for consistency (DONE)
    Live@Edu (
       (Phase 1 DONE)
    WH305, SB244 Updated with Leopard (10.5) (DONE)
    WH306 Updated with Leopard (10.5)
    SharePoint Instructional Technology Center Haas 416
    Luminis upgrade (WestConnduit) Hass Library – swap printers with copiers on the 1st flr
    Banner 8 test environment (DONE) Uniprint Pharos Print Stations

ACTION ITEMS:  Veronica and Dan were asked to summarize in a paragraph or two the different types of streaming audio and/or video available for students and faculty at WestConn.  ACTION ITEMS:  Veronica and Rebecca were asked to prepare a list of questions relating to copyright issues for Theresa O’Brien, Contract Compliance Officer at the SO. 

Department Chairs have been asked to create class schedules for the next two years.  As a result, Bill asked if there is an electronic means to create class schedules directly in Banner.  Lorraine said that Ad Astra is such a system and we have begun implementation of it.  We are stalled on the project because the company is behind on their next version of the software.  Eastern is beta site for developing the next version of the software.  The next phase of the software is expected to do an analysis of the courses that current student body needs in order to graduate and therefore, what and how many classes we need to offer.  Bill also discussed having MIS and/or CS students work as interns on projects and what a great benefit it would be for the students and WestConn.  

Next Meeting:  Thursday, October 8, 2009, 12pm-1:30pm.