ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

December, 12 2009

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

November 12, 2009 12:00pm-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (chair), Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, William Joel, Todd McInerney, Veronica Kenausis, Rebecca Woodward, Terry Wells


  • HA012 Theatre Arts technology classroom – Telecom is being completed, student chairs and tables have been ordered. We have used Macs but UC (University Computing) will get a quote for new Macs and it will be considered.  ACTION ITEM:  This room will be completed over the intersession.
  • No change in the current budget situation.
  • MIS Security Lab is on track for completion in May or June 2009.  HVAC contract was awarded.
  • Rich Montague noted that many of the student station chairs in WS241 are missing arms and need repair.  ACTION ITEM:  The student station chairs will be replaced or repaired over the intersession.
  • CAPP Degree Audit will be offline until the early part of the Spring 2009 semester. (End of February 2010).   

Competed ACTION ITEMS from September, October and November meetings

  • Gail Walsh emailed the bylaw revisions to Kit Hinga, Rich Montague, and Veronica Kenausis.
  • Gail emailed the machine installation summary to each school technology chair and Veronica.
  • As of October 2009, University Computing includes the date of the machine installation on the machine label.
  • Kit Hinga finalized Professional Studies Head Count.
  • HA202B has been assigned to Psychology as the “Responsible Department.”  HA202A has been assigned to HPX and HA012 has been assigned to Theatre Arts.    
  • Dan Goble summarized streaming audio available to students, faculty and staff at WestConn.

The write-up is as follows: WCSU currently subscribes to various online music databases.  They are NAXOS Music Library; NAXOS Music Library: Jazz; and Classical Music Library.  These databases are available on and off campus  From off campus, use of the online sound resources requires a log-in process and is streaming only.  Musical examples cannot be downloaded (ripped). 

Naxos Music Library is the most comprehensive collection of classical music available online. It includes the complete Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues of over 165,000 tracks, including Classical music, Jazz, World, Folk and Chinese music. While listening, you can read notes on the works being played as well as biographical information on composers or artists in Naxos’ extensive database. All these can be accessible from computers in academic libraries, home or office.  The link to access Naxos Music Library is:

Naxos Music Library: Jazz is one of the most comprehensive collection of jazz music available online. It offers close to 20,000 tracks of jazz from over 1,900 albums. Over 500 jazz artists are represented. Naxos Music Library Jazz comprises Naxos Jazz and the 22 labels of Fantasy Jazz. Naxos Jazz, along with Prophone and Proprius, brings you the world of international jazz, covering Sweden and Scandinavian jazz artists, and offers the very best in blues and R&B.  Follow this link to access Naxos Music Library: Jazz: 

Classical Music Library is an ever-growing, fully searchable classical music database of distinguished classical recordings. It includes tens of thousands of licensed recordings that are cross-referenced to a database of supplementary reference information. Classical Music Library is the only audio service developed exclusively with the needs of librarians in mind. It’s also the only dedicated library resource offering music licensed from major labels.  To access Classical Music Library follow this link:

Incomplete Action Items from September, October and November meetings

  • ITC Bylaws revisions will be voted on at the 11/18/09 Senate Meeting. ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine or Gail will send Sue Maskel an email explaining that Veronica will attend the Senate meeting in case there are any questions.  Follow-up: Veronica attended the November 18, 2009 University Senate meeting at which the ITC Bylaws revisions were passed.
  • Reports of all technology classrooms that are left unlocked at the end of the day where either the police lock them or they auto lock at 11 pm were received.  The reports are very difficult to read and the information that the  ITC is looking for would have to be extracted from more than one report.  In order to see only the desired information, UC would have to write a report.  All Technology Classrooms will eventually have access control.  A possible interim solution would be to prioritize the installation of card readers on the technology rooms identified by the ITC that are consistently left unlocked.    
  • Lorraine to review the Arts & Sciences criteria for purchasing new computers and printers for faculty.
  • Mitch Wagener and Veronica discussed the results of testing a free bibliography software and EndNote.  Mitch and Veronica agreed to provide a written recommendation based on their testing.     
  • Veronica and Rebecca Woodward were asked to prepare a list of questions relating to copyright issues for Theresa O’Brien, Contract Compliance Officer at the SO.   Rebecca shared with the ITC the information she discovered on the University of Texas website: . This topic is very broad and it will require additional research and discussion to formulate questions.  Lorraine suggested that this might be a great topic for a workshop at the Instructional Technology Center.  As another resource, SCSU has information on their website located at 
  • Dan to finalize Visual & Performing Arts Head Count.
  • Lorraine asked the ITC members to let her know which Sharp projectors should be prioritized for replacement.  Rich gave us WS377C, WS247A, WS247B, WS338, WS208, WS377B, WS134, WS134A.  After the meeting, Mitch gave UC WH207 and WH204.  Jason Esposito evaluated the projectors and had the Sharp projector in WH207 replaced on 12/4/09.  The new Mitsubishi projector in WH204 is in good working order and does not need to be replaced at the present time.  However, WH324 has an old Sharp XR20 and is scheduled for replacement on Friday, 12/11/2009 .
  • Lorraine will try to order machines before the December ITC meeting. 
  • Lorraine will draft a memo to faculty on how budget reductions will impact technology for faculty (hopefully before the December meeting) and share it with the ITC.
  • A summary of machine installations done from FY04 through October 8, 2009 was distributed. Lorraine asked the school technology chairs and Veronica to verify as much information as possible and to cross out any machine that faculty/staff don’t have any more and to add any equipment they have that is not on the list.   

Reconciling Faculty Machine Allocation Spreadsheets against Property Management Reports

  • The department listed on the report from property management was not always correct.  Therefore, we cannot use the report sorted that way.  The school technology chairs, Veronica Kenausis and Terry Wells were asked to disregard the reports. 

Library Services Initiatives

  • Digital Commons, a hosted, web-based institutional showcase and publishing service was recently purchased by the Library.  The repository is a single place to organize and showcase the intellectual output of the university.  The repository will ensure a wider readership of the institution’s teaching and research and provide readership statistics for each object uploaded to the showcase.  The showcase enables faculty members to add or publish their own content to the repository while ensuring that the content is accessible in a standardized and high-quality user interface.  The repository ensures preservation of the intellectual output of each faculty member.  Veronica Kenausis is the technical contact.  Veronica noted that an advisory group has been formed to develop policies for Digital Commons including when and where to backup the university outputs. 

Faculty and Classroom Software

Lorraine distributed an updated “UC Outstanding Software Requests” dated 11/12/09 to the ITC.  The document provides the ITC members an update on software installations for classrooms/labs. ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine asked Rebecca to document a procedure for the use of Magic DVD Ripper.  All requests for ripping DVD videos will be sent to Media Services.  UC will not distribute the Magic DVD Ripper software because we must ensure that we are following copyright laws. 

Media Services Initiatives – Deferred to the December meeting.

Next Meeting:  December 10, 2009, 12-1:30pm, OM304