ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

May, 08 2010

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

April 8, 2010, 12:00 pm-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (chair), Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Todd McInerney, Veronica Kenausis, Rebecca Woodward, Rona Gurkewitz, Kit Hinga
Absent:  Dan Goble, William Joel


  • CSUS 2020 funded purchases – Three separate CSUS 2020 funded orders have been placed to date.  It took approximately 40 to 45 days from the point of submitting the request to the SO and then to DPW to the point of actually placing the order with the vendor.  The orders were for 40 projectors and cabling, Cisco EOL network equipment and PC desktop computers and monitors.  All three orders are complete.  Desktop computers installed for faculty and staff will be deployed with Windows XP.  Instructor stations replaced over the summer will be deployed with Windows 7.   
  • Lorraine reviewed the Desktop Bond Money and increased the amount from $100k to $150k.  The ITC machine allocation spreadsheets were updated and distributed to the technology chairs and Veronica.  UC (University Computing) had good used Macs so we assessed Macs for faculty and machines were upgraded as necessary, if they were better.  The installations were recorded on the appropriate school/library machine allocation spreadsheet.  Lorraine budgeted money for the new Macs for HA012, the new Theatre Arts technology classroom.  The good used Macs that were initially slated for HA012  were then migrated to faculty/other areas. 
  • Lorraine Capobianco had to put together possible 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% cuts in supply (OE) budgets and talk of the impact.  The President needed this for a university report.  Total spent in FY10 on hardware/software renewals and maintenance fees is $480k.  83.4% of the $480k is spent on teaching and learning and every year these costs increase by 5 to 20%.  The other 17.6% is spent on infrastructure hardware/software renewals and maintenance fees.  The President stated that across-the-board approach would not be appropriate for cuts in the future. 
  • Some other UC budget facts:
    • toner and printer consumables for the entire university (FY09 was $227,200, FY10 estimate $220,000)
    • non-residence hall telephones (approximate FY10 total $128,000)
    • residence halls telephones (approximate FY10 total $248,000)
    • all network charges including residence halls (approximate FY10 total $367,000)
    • data/voice/video adds and changes due to office moves, construction, expansion, etc. (approximate FY10  total $185,000)
    • Student scholarships from the Information Technology Fee (approximate FY10 total $190,000)
    • Student employees for specialized technology lab hours = $6100
    • Student employees for MTCC, WSCC, CCCC, STTC, and ResNet = $290,000
  • John Caruso and Rick Bassett sent Lorraine an email describing how to save money for toner by changing the fonts.  The default fonts used at WestConn (for MS Office) have a low ink usage rating as per the articles cited by John and Rick.   

Projects – Update

Spring Projects Completed (Partial Listing)

  • Relocate reference printers in Haas to the MTCC
  • Server project for Computer Science Department
  • ForeFront anti-spam cloud Implementation to replace Sonic Wall and save $16,226

Spring Projects In Process (Partial Listing)

  • Banner Degree Audit (CAPP)/Online Catalogue/Program Sheets
  • Online CUCAS Application & Enter AY0910 approved curriculum changes
  • Replace the main Mac in the Ives Hall Sound Booth
  • Install VMware Player 4 in WS103 and public areas
  • Windows 7 research and implementation timeline
  • SPSS 18 & PASW Statistics Pilot and implementation timeline
  • Blog and Wiki software:  WordPress Mu & MediaWiki implementation and training
  • Implement IPEDS ethnicity regulation
  • Implement “no blank grades to submit” option for final grades
  • Replace old G3 and G4 Macs with newer used Macs
  • Set all printers to duplex
  • Make minor adjustments to Election web application for SGA elections
  • Convert all web applications from using Banner PIN to use WestConn username and password
  • Replace older projectors at WCSU and Western at Waterbury (19 replaced; 25 pending)
  • Replace computers in Haas Library floors 2 through 5
  • Implement Pharos with WestConnect Card in WSCC, CCCC, MTCC, STTC and other areas to better control printing costs

Summer 2010 Projects (Partial Listing)

  • Clean Access for students and wireless access – new platform/version
  • Implement new federal regulation for text books by July 2010
  • MIS Information Security classroom/lab
  • Desktop video conference solution
  • Replace all instructor stations at MT, WS, and Waterbury
  • Implement Webcheckout for Media Services and Library
  • Purchase and implement iPod touches with required software for Nursing students
  • Replacement Plan (need to prioritize the replacement of computers)
    • Freshman Resource Center (10 PCs); Math Clinic (11 PCs); Writing Lab (12 PCs)
    • SB244 (10 PCs)
    • HA012 – Theatre Arts is requesting 12 additional iMacs for a total of 28 machines
    • WS117a (30 PCs)
    • WS212 (30 PCs)
    • WS377b (28 PCs)

Completed ACTION ITEMS from September, October, November, December, March meetings:

  • Lorraine will order machines by the middle of January 2010.  Complete..
  • Lorraine will draft a memo to faculty on how budget reductions will impact technology for faculty and share it with the ITC.  This item is closed.
  • Lorraine updated the school’s and library’s budgets and she will advise the ITC technology chairs and Veronica at the next (4/8/10) meeting. Machine allocation spreadsheets were updated and distributed.  Dan Goble will receive the SVPA spreadsheet by email. Complete..
  • Marge Steinberg’s computer needs to be assessed for re-imaging or replacement.  Machine was re-imaged and is working fine. New computer removed from School of Professional Studies machine allocation spreadsheet. Complete..
  • Mitch Wagener noted that the last list of machine allocations were not on the spreadsheet.  Gail Walsh to update A&S spreadsheet.  Complete..
  • Rich Montague said that there was problem with mapping to the H: drive in WS241.  Problem was assessed and fixed. Complete..

Open ACTION ITEMS from September, October, November and December meetings:

  • Lorraine asked Rebecca to document a procedure for the use of Magic DVD Ripper by Media Services. 
  • Mitch and Veronica agreed to test free bibliography software and EndNote and do a write-up with a recommendation.  Testing is complete.  Write-up in process. 
  • To finalize a few machine allocations in Professional Studies, Kit Hinga needs to request an inventory of what faculty have more than one machine.
  • Loraine will order PC laptops, printers/scanners and Macs on the next 2020 order.   

Software Requests & Installations Update – As of 4/8/10 (attached)

See attachment

  • An updated software status report was distributed to the ITC.  The goal is to have all of the outstanding software installed by the end of the semester.  Lorraine asked the ITC technology chairs and Veronica to share the information with the schools/area for their feedback (e.g. missing requests, urgent requests, etc.)
  • Because of the overwhelming number of projects, UC will create a process with deadline dates for software installations, April 1th  be the deadline to submit classroom/lab software requests for use in the fall of the same year, and September 1th for spring of the following year.  Of course, even with deadline dates, complexity of the software installation, impact at the university, UC staffing, and money availability would also affect what semester the software would be available.  

Media Services Initiatives – Deferred to the May meeting.

ITC Meeting Schedule:  May 13, 2010, 12-1:30pm, OM304