ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

October, 09 2010

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

September 9, 2010, 12:00 pm-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (chair), Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Todd McInerney, Veronica Kenausis, Rebecca Woodward, William Joel, Dan Goble, Jeff Schlicht (for Kit Hinga), Andrew Wetmore, SGA president, Bernard Kokinchak, SGA Representative
Absent:  Kit Hinga

Welcome and Introductions:

  • ITC members introduced themselves to Andrew Wetmore, SGA President and Bernard Kokinchak, SGA designee.  Bernard will attend future ITC meetings as SGA designee. The ITC is very glad to have student representation and input.


  • The CIO and Associate CIO positions at the System Office are vacant.  Last month, Chancellor Carter appointed Lorraine as the Interim CIO at the System Office.  During this appointment, Lorraine will continue to fulfill her role as CIO at WCSU.   Lorraine will be at the SO in Hartford two days a week and she will be at WCSU for the balance of the week.  There is an ongoing search to fill the SO CIO position.  
  • UC (University Computing) filled one of its three vacant positions.  Thomas Badura, Programmer/Web Developer started in August.  Advertisements for the Network Security Specialist and Server Administrator positions will be done as soon as possible. 

Projects Update

  • Minimum hardware specifications that will run Windows 7: dual-core processor, 2-4 GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, and a recent video card (ATI or NVIDEA). Machines purchased in the last 2-3 years should be within this range. Many machines were upgraded over the summer. There are still approximately 350-400 machines that do not meet the minimum hardware specifications.
  • Laptop order is ready to be placed.  We are waiting for Attorney General to sign the RFP for the contract.  Macs were purchased and installed over the summer.
  • All classroom instructor computers (both PC and Mac) were replaced over the summer with new computers running Windows 7 or OS X.  Multi-station classroom instructor stations were also replaced but continue to run Windows XP until all the software in those rooms is evaluated with Windows 7.  H:  drive mapping issues have been reported by faculty who use USB thumb drives.   As a solution, faculty should first log onto the instruction station, then insert the thumb drive.  Rich Montague asked when faculty will get Windows 7 on their university machine because they are concerned about the differences between what is on their machine and what is the classroom. Lorraine noted that specialty software on faculty machines need to be tested with Windows 7.  The faculty machines also need to be evaluated for Windows 7.  Other than that, faculty machines can go to Windows 7.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine asked the ITC school technology chairs to email Gail Walsh the names of faculty in their respective schools who would like to have their machines evaluated for Windows 7.  Rich Montague said all MIS faculty.  Rich also requested to have WS241 evaluated for Windows 7. 
  • WH306 was re-imaged.
  • Replacement of the public machines in the Haas library on floors 2-5 will be completed on 9/27/10.    
  • Machine in Ives Concert Hall sound booth has been purchased.  Still have to get the software and the PCI-E card.   
  • Order for new B/W laser printers for the four computer centers and two libraries has been approved by the SO and should be submitted to DPW next week.
  • A vendor has been hired to install new projection to replace older projectors. 
  • The PC side of the Biology lab (SB244) still needs to be upgraded.
  • Network upgrades for EOL equipment – some equipment purchased and installation still being completed.
  • Servers will continue to be virtualized as time permits.
  • If funds are available, the student machines in WS117a, WS212, WS377b, BR104/105/106, and WH301 will be replaced in conjunction with the Replacement Plan.
  • Pharos print software will be deployed in the four computer centers during the intersession.   
  • Machines in classrooms without access control were physically locked down to tables/desks. There are approximately 60 classrooms without access control.
  • The completion of the MIS security classroom/lab has moved to the middle of Fall 2010. UC will meet with MIS faculty to discuss the technology in the room and deploy over the course of the semester.  SP/2011 will be a pilot semester for room use.


  • Lorraine Capobianco met with Paul Reis, VP for Finance and Administration to discuss the details of UC budgets.  Lorraine discussed the ITC’s role, the technology Replacement Plan and the process in place to insure that the technology at the university is maintained and kept current.  Lorraine needs to submit FY11 and FY12 UC budgets by 10/4/10.  Lorraine and VP Reis plan to meet every couple of weeks.      
  • Lorraine will continue to stress to the President and Vice Presidents the necessity to maintain and enhance purchase equipment and software to secure our IT infrastructure.  The successful move of our K: and H: drives was possible because of the purchase of the Blade Servers and NetApp SAN.  Additionally, we are saving over 14 hours with backups as a result of moving the H: and K: drives to the NetApp SAN.
  • FY11 CSUS (equipment) money is now available at the university.
  • ITC machine allocation spreadsheets were distributed to the ITC school technology chairs and Veronica.  ACTION ITEM:  Gail will fill in the amount column and email the revised spreadsheets to the ITC school chairs and Veronica before the next ITC meeting for their review.   
  • Andrew Wetmore noted that the space formerly occupied by AccessAbility Services is being renovated for student clubs.  The SGA will provide some funding for the project.  Lorraine will meet with Andrew and other appropriate individuals to discuss technology for the area. A meeting has been tentatively scheduled for 10/29/10.


  • Again, technology classrooms have been found unsecured.  Machines in classrooms without access control have been physically locked to tables/desks.  Bose speakers were reported missing from BR024.  Lorraine said that it is impossible to lock down everything.  We need faculty to help by securing all areas with technology.
  • Eventually, information saved on USB drives will have to be encrypted. 

ITC Meeting Schedule
      12-1:30pm, OM304, 10/14/10, 11/11/10, 12/9/10, 2/10/11, 3/10/11, 4/14/11, 5/12/11