ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

November, 14 2010

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

October 14, 2010, 12:00 pm-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (Chair), Dan Goble, Rona Gurkewitz, Kit Hinga, William Joel, Veronica Kenausis, Bernard Kokinchak, Todd McInerney, Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Rebecca Woodward,

Issues/Questions/Updates :

  • Wendy Chuang was hired to fill the CIO position at the System Office.  Wendy is very qualified and she will be a good SO CIO.  A search will be conducted to fill the CIO position at SCSU, Wendy’s former position, after SCSU completes the Associate CIO search, which is in process.
  • Falguni Shah, DBA in (UC) University Computing submitted her resignation and was hired by SunGard in the same capacity.  Falguni needed to work from home for an extended period of time but CSUS has a policy that restricts this arrangement.  DBA work is conducive to remote work and that will be her arrangement at SunGard.     
  • UC Westside Campus Center-Suite 119 was flooded and issues causing the flood are being addressed while day-to-day operations continue.  Equipment damages are estimated at $100,000.
  • Higgins roof project caused classes and administrative offices to relocate to various locations; including Warner 103, Library, etc. 
  • The halon fire suppression system in the Midtown server room (OM 204) was released while a Boiler House staff member was working on the air conditioner to repair a water leak.  Everyone with access to the datacenter should receive training on the halon system.   
  • Lorraine Capobianco expressed her concern that faculty and staff are becoming lax in regards to security, safety and awareness of physical surroundings.  The Computer Science Server was compromised, and more and more technology classrooms are being left unlocked.  Lorraine is concerned that faculty and staff are sharing their passwords and do not realize the dangerous implications.  Under NO circumstances should anyone give their password to ANYONE.  Rooms found unsecured:  WH112, WH122, WH209, WH204, WH214, HI107, HI210,SB124,WS117a.   Bose speakers were stolen from BR024, and they will not be replaced.  If the rooms are left unsecured, we are promoting crimes of opportunity. 
  • On a positive note, Dan Goble announced that there is a link to the Podcast on the Music Department’s web page.
  • Lorraine announced some good news!  Tom Fuchs in UC was married on Friday, October 8th.  Todd and Tammie McInerney are expecting their third child at the beginning of December.  Jason Davis and his wife Amy are expecting their fourth daughter; and Marlene Davis is vacationing in Hawaii with her daughter and granddaughter.

Media Services Projects – Update :

  • Changing vendors for cable television from Comcast to Campus TeleVideo by November 1st.
  • Completed productions for Nursing Department’s Open House, video for the Board of Trustees, and the President’s acceptance video for admitted students.
  • In order to allow for the expansion of the WS PBX room, Media Services was relocated from their existing space to a new space on the first floor of the Westside Classroom Building.
  • Preparation for a possible visit from Dahlia Lama has begun.  This visit is scheduled for October 2012.

Library Services Projects – Update :

  • Library website/LibGuides implementation – Website has been redesigned. Content moved to LibGuides platform which hosts content and provides improved search functionality.
  • LibAnswers/SMS reference service – Questions and answers can now be communicated through text messaging.
  • Institutional Repository ( – policy documents have been approved; will begin actively soliciting content soon.
  • ILLiad/Odyssey hosted server migration – proposal to outsource the hosting of the interlibrary loan system. Library is awaiting response from UC.
  • Internal systems efficiencies – working to improve processes of acquiring materials and communicating with campus.
  • Printing – Students printing multiple copies of assignments required by faculty. Lorraine asked Veronica to provide the names of faculty who require multiple copies so she can explain to them the need to save money.
  • Discovery layer exploration – investigating software or applications to perform simultaneous searching of disparate materials (such as books, articles, documents, etc).

Budget :

  • Updated machine allocation spreadsheets were distributed; along with machine price sheets.  Lorraine is working with Paul Reis, VP of Finance and Administration, to create a workable budget.  She is glad that Paul is very interested in understanding UC budgets and purchases and how cuts affect teaching and learning.
  • An initial investment is needed for additional storage for content delivered to the desktops, as well as imaging for Registrar’s, Cashier’s, Admissions, etc.   The initial solution requires a sizable investment in software and hardware.  Lorraine stated that we need to look at document imaging
  • Funds have been earmarked for technology in FY11.  A 20% cut was applied to the $400k for technology and the $139,500 for Tech in the Classroom.
  • The ITC Replacement Plan spreadsheet was distributed. Rooms recommended for upgrades are in purple text. Discussion will take place at the December ITC meeting.
  • Information Technology Fee budget needs to be reviewed and closely monitored by Lorraine because the surplus is gone and enrollment is down slightly.

Standards For Allocating Technology :

  • Lorraine said that the ITC needs to develop new standards for allocating monitors and computers as past practices cannot continue in the current economic times—one computer (laptop or desktop) perfaculty and staff member, one 20” flat panel monitor, etc.  Printers will need to be pulled from individual offices and put in shared locations. 

ITC Meeting Schedule :
      12-1:30pm: OM304 : 11/11/10, 12/9/10, 2/10/11, 3/10/11, 4/14/11, 5/12/11