ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

April, 08 2012

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

March 8, 2012, 12pm-1pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (Chair), Mitch Wagener, Todd McInerney, Rich Montague, Rona Gurkewitz, Daniel O’Grady, Veronica Kenausis, Kit Hinga, Rebecca Woodward, Jason Esposito


  • Lorraine said feedback from some faculty indicates they do not understand the process for faculty and staff computer upgrades/installations. Some faculty who were allocated a pc desktop are receiving it before a faculty member who was allocated a pc laptop.  Lorraine told the ITC to inform their faculty we only have 7 pc laptops in our inventory and 7 pc laptops on order.  The balance of laptops needed will be ordered using CSUS2020 funds which takes approximately 45 days for processing.  We have enough pc desktops in our inventory for any faculty who has been allocated a pc laptop wants a pc desktop instead.
  • University Computing is working with Purchasing to procure fax machines and copiers. Lorraine thinks that printers in administrative offices (including academic administrative offices) should be replaced with multi-purpose (scanner/printer/fax/copier) machines and then we can re-purpose the printers to other areas.  We ordered two Ricoh multi-purpose models, 40 ppm and 50 ppm.  JLA received one of the machines as promised.  Non-CSUS2020 funds were used to purchase the Ricoh multi-purpose machines to expedite getting them here. Lorraine said that we will not get the multi-purpose machines on campus this summer because of the CSUS2020 process and the changeover of ConnSCU staff who now process these requests.
  • Second Round of the Provost’s CSUS2020 funds. Lorraine will provide general guidelines to
  • Dr. Gates for requests for technology purchases to facilitate the process.  When a request is submitted for technology to the Provost, the requestor should include the purpose and goal for the technology and location.  With this information, University can fully evaluate the request. 
  • Machine Upgrades to Windows 7 – UC has approximately 650 more machine that need Windows 7.  UC will upgrade machines for clerical staff first and then repurpose good used machines for adjunct faculty offices and other student areas.  At the same time, as requests for non-functioning computers are submitted to the help desk, UC will replace them with new computers. The next group of machines to receive upgrades will be classrooms and labs.   

Pharos Printing Solution (ConnectPrint)

  • On March 15, 2012, WestConn will deploy ConnectPrint, a new system that will help students make printing easier and considerably reduce printer waste and supplies.  For more information on ConnectPrint  which is available in the staffed and 24-hour computer centers at WestConn to go

University Software List

  • Lorraine distributed and reviewed the most recently updated university software list.  (See attachment to the February 9, 2012 minutes).

SMART Boards

  • Installations of SMART boards are scheduled for March 22, 2012 in the following areas/classrooms:  2 in WS518, rear area of WS117, and WS117a.  Lorraine will inform the ITC as more rooms are scheduled to receive SMART boards.  Lorraine will continue to meet with faculty to determine which classrooms in their departments are most suitable for SMART boards and the best placement within in the classroom. 

Next Meeting:

  • Thursday, April 12, 2012, 12 noon to 1pm, OM304. Lorraine will be available from 11:30am to noon and from 1pm-1:30pm for individual questions.