ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

December, 08 2012

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

November 8th. 2012 – OM304, 1p-2p

Present: Wendy Chang,  (ITC Chair), Dr. Stephen Wagener , Dr. Kathleen Hinga,  Rona Gurkewitz,
Rebecca Woodward,  Veronica Kenausis.

  1. Comments/Suggestions:
    WC reports that a new Chair will be heading the ITC Committee starting next ITC meeting
    December 13th.

  2. Project Update:
  • Password Management:
    WC reported progress from last ITC meeting on the change in password route. This would change the life cycle of passwords to one year.  The IT staff is testing each system to find the right subset and looking at the users who don’t come to campus daily or don’t log on daily.  Logistics are being determined on rolling out new changes in password rules.

    New Rules would include:

    All users will need to change password using  a minimum of 14 characters long, preferably a pass phrase with special characters.
    Using a code with the highest strength, one upper case, one numerical digit, one special character. A space is con
    Roll out would be before the spring. Looking at a target time frame….. Possibly the beginning of Winter Intersession by December 18th.
    Projection: the UC help desk will be bombarded with calls.
    After discussion on password roll out:
    Mitch stated a passcode is needed to access outlook on an IPhone. WC responded that Iphone users should have passcode with time out as Apple recommendations.
    Regarding Campus Wi-Fi , Veronica does not save credentials and needs to log on each time. WC responded – ideally you should not have to do that. WC will look at Wifi usage period and how often time out period for desktop is.  A 15 minutes period is ok.

  • Office 365
    Progress noted: UC Staff working on preparation for execution of Office 365. Students will be moving to Office 365 in early spring.  Staff will be added to link.  Execution date and additional information will be noted at next ITC meeting.
  • Security
    Network and Banner security will be increased and resources will be devoted to this area starting immediately.
  • Next Meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 13th.