Compassion & Creativity

Center for Compassion, Creativity and Innovation


The Center’s mission is to expand opportunities and support teaching, research and intellectual discourse, exploring the values of compassion, creativity and innovation for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff across all academic disciplines working whenever possible with people of all communities.


  1. Create awareness within the university as well as the regional and global communities about the importance of compassion, creativity and innovation in daily and professional life.
  2. Maintain a forum where students, faculty, staff and people from all traditions such as, but not restricted to, artistic, philosophical, cultural, political and business communities can come together to investigate the conjunction of compassion, creativity and innovation through dialogue, research and activities.
  3. Publish and disseminate creative products of the Center (such as conference proceedings, research, music, etc.) through appropriate format and media (such as online, print, concerts, etc.).
  4. Seek to enrich the activities, research, and curricula in all disciplines of the university by supporting students, faculty, and staff who wish to inquire into issues of compassion, creativity and innovation.
  5. Sponsor activities, events, conferences and forums related to issues of compassion, creativity and innovation.
  6. Engage with other centers and organizations on other projects consistent with the Center’s mission.