Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

April 9 — From the Offices of the President and Diversity and Equity

To the WCSU community,

Western Connecticut State University prides itself on having a campus community in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.  Sadly, there have been concerns of racism and xenophobic animosity against Chinese, Chinese-American and Asian people across the country related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Members of our own community have now begun to have similar concerns on these types of issues as well.  These known issues are inconsistent with WCSU values, which are to celebrate and embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion and their benefits, as well as to care for one another and provide for each other’s well-being.  WCSU is steadfast in its commitment to these values, and our continued efforts to build a community where everyone, regardless of identity and background, can enjoy a sense of belonging and safety.

As a reminder, the CSCU/WCSU Affirmative Action Policy Statement prohibits discrimination and harassment based on protected-class identity. We encourage all members of the campus community who have experienced harassment and/or discriminatory treatment based on any protected identity to contact the Office of Diversity and Equity for reporting options and additional resources should you experience any form of harassment and/or discrimination.  Hearing any offensive and/or derogatory comments or being worried about forms of bias conduct either you or your family may face at this time can take a toll on your well-being.

Please be sure to reach out to trusted friends or colleagues who can support you.  The Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs as well as the Offices of International Services and Diversity and Equity are here to support you. You may choose to file an online report with the University Anonymous Incident Report Form and/or send an email to the Office of Diversity and Equity at for guided assistance. Counseling and/or health services are available through the University’s Counseling CenterHealth Services, and/or the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, as needed.  During this time of crisis, we urge all members of our community to recommit to the university’s mission of equity and inclusion and our core values of respect, integrity and compassion. We must all work together to care for our students, faculty and staff so we can all thrive in a safe and supportive climate that is free of racism, discrimination, hate and hostility.

The Office of Diversity and Equity is committed to building and sustaining an inclusive campus community.  Though we may find ourselves separated physically during these difficult and uncertain times, remember WCSU is still one community, and each member deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. No matter the distance between us, we all play an important role in building a caring diverse, equitable and inclusive community together.

Thank you and please stay healthy and safe.

Dr. John B. Clark
Western Connecticut State University

Jesenia Minier Delgado
Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Diversity and Equity
Western Connecticut State University