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The Center for Student Involvement : Presence


General Questions

Q: I cannot log into Presence, what do I do?

A:  If resetting your password does not work, please email Presence directly at support@presence.io

Q: How do I update my club/organization page on Presence?

A: In the forms section of Presence, simply fill out an Organization Registration form. Once approved in CSI, the changes will update in Presence!

Q: Why can’t I update my club/organization?

A: All club presidents have organization administration rights to update/change their club. Go under your organization and click the pencil on the top right corner of the webpage to edit. If you are an e-board member of this club, you can gain these administration rights (if needed and approved by the president) by the president making the changes or contacting CSI at csi@wcsu.edu.

Q: I want to add a new officer to my club, but the student’s name can’t be added?

A: Only e-board members and administration staff can add officers to a club. First, make sure the student is a user. Go to the tab labeled “people” on the left side of your screen. Search the students name and click the three dots to the right of their student ID number. Click “add as user” and this student can now be added to your e-board. If the student’s name does not show up under the “people” tab, then please contact CSI at csi@wcsu.edu.

Q: Where can I access financial forms?

A: From the student portal, click on the Forms tab at the top of the page. Select the form you would like to use and fill out to the best of your ability. Then click the ‘SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL’ button at the top right of the screen. From here, the form goes to the club treasurer, once approved, then to the club president, after that approval, it then goes to the club advisor, then onto CSI! (no more physical signatures needed!).

Q: How can I find clubs I am interested in joining/ Find new members to join?

A: There are a wide variety of clubs at WCSU to join! Under the Organizations Page in Presence, there is a search engine to find the club you are looking for. There is also a “categories” tab to the right of this search bar listing the different categories a club belongs to. All clubs are advised to add as many categories to their page, so that students can find a club that have their interests.

Q: How do I find the contact information for a club?

A: In the student portal, click on the Organizations Page button at the top of the screen. Then, select the organization you are interested in. From here, click on the ‘contact’ button and a fillable form will popup. Presence will deliver the message to the club member in charge of this area.

Q: Why is my event not showing on Presence?

A: All events must be approved by CSI and our Graduate Intern or Director. Once the event is approved, it will show up in Presence.

Q: How do I find the pin for my event?

A: Go under the “events” tab on the left side of your screen and search for your event. On the right side of the event listing, there is a pin, which consists of four (4) characters (including numbers and letters) that are unique to your event.

Q: How do I change the eboard members of my club/organization?

A: All club presidents have organization administration rights on Presence. Go to your organization and click “roster” on the top of the screen (under the club’s name). To delete an eboard member, click the pencil on the right side of the officer’s listing and either change their position to a member/other position or “deactivate” their position. To add a student to your roster, first make sure they are a member of the club by clicking “add members” under the member section of the club. Then, click the pencil on the right side of the students name and change their position. A list of positions will be shown on a drop-down menu.

Q: Presence is not loading/glitching, what should I do?

A: Try refreshing the page or logging out of your account then logging back in. Presence has “busy times” where many people are on the webpage causing these glitches or loading problems. If the problems continue to occur, contact CSI at csi@wcsu.edu.

Q: How can I get more students to attend my club’s events?

A: When filling out an event registration form, be sure to add “tags” to your event for students to see. Some of these tags include food, community service, music, free, etc. These tags allow students to find events that interest them.

Q: Why does my club/organization have a requirement failure?

A: All clubs/organizations have certain requirements that must be met. This error will pop up when a club has not followed these requirements and will state the issue present. This risks your club becoming deactivated. Any questions on why this error is showing can be sent to CSI at csi@wcsu.edu.

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