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Culture & Values

The Macricostas Experience

Celebrating all things Macricostas.

The Macricostas Experience is a series of events and hands-on experiences that invite the university and Danbury communities to study global cultures and values. Organized by the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences and funded by a generous gift from the Macricostas Family Foundation, Macricostas Experiences include a lecture and speaker series held on campus that are both free and open to the public; student scholarships; and student study-abroad funding. In recognition of the generous gift by the Macricostas Family Foundation, the University named the School of Arts and Sciences in honor of Constantine Macricostas and his family.
The Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences is the foundation of the University's mission, comprised of the largest number of majors, faculty, and courses offered. In addition, virtually every University student is enrolled in courses in the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences in order to fulfill General Education requirements.
Naming this school for the Macricostas family celebrates the Macricostas family's respect and love of education and the transformational role it can play in the lives of every individual. It recognizes the role education plays in a democratic society, where the voice of every individual is important, and where reason and intelligence each play a vital role.

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Center for the Study of Culture and Values


Established in 2003 through a generous gift from the Macricostas Family Foundation, the Center supports the regular exploration of the role of culture and values in all of aspects of society.

The mission of the Center is to:

  • Sponsor and promote study of the contributions of world cultures and individual leaders to the development of values and great value-based decisions in history and contemporary affairs.
  • Sponsor and promote the examination and analysis of ethical, moral, and legal codes in their effect upon patterns of social, professional, and business practice related to culture and values.
  • Bring distinguished visiting teachers and scholars to the university through Macricostas Scholars in the history, distinctiveness, and influence of cultures and their values.
  • Engage the university and the Danbury community in dialogue on culture and values by means of an endowed lecture series.
  • Engage students in critical, reflective thinking about individual and collective belief systems and provide a forum for student engagement with culture and value-related issues.
  • Sponsor and promote additional activities related to the study of culture and values. These may include interdisciplinary academic programs leading to certificates and/or degrees, research on culture and values, publications, an interactive website, an electronic library, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and symposia with community leaders.

Upcoming Hellenic Studies Events

Since 2003, the Center has sponsored visiting faculty with expertise in Greek history, politics, and philosophy, as well as lectures, film screenings, trips to museums, research presented at international conferences, and artistic events held at WCSU.