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Diversity Calendar

The purpose of this calendar is to address and support the diversity of all University employees. We recognize that by increasing our understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, values and beliefs we can enhance our relationships with one another, and become a culturally responsive environment for everyone to feel valued and respected.

University 2018 Diversity Calendar (DOC)

University 2019 Diversity Calendar (PDF)

How Dates Were Chosen

Due to the extensive number of cultural holidays, dates for this calendar were determined by the following five criteria:

  1. Will an employee be absent as a result of this day?
  2. Will an employee be disengaged as a result of this day? (e.g., hunger or a negative association with a particular day/date such as a day of remembrance of a tragic event)
  3. Will an employee not be able to participate in a work-related function as a result of this day? (e.g., Employees may not participate in Halloween or Valentine’s Day).
  4. Are there employees who may not participate in events that are scheduled on the day of an important religious day observed by certain communities?
  5. Does the day provide an opportunity for a teachable moment regarding ethnic or cultural diversity that might not otherwise be discussed, particularly those dates associated with a continued history of oppression, discrimination, or racism?

Work in Progress

We ask for your patience in the event that we have missed any important dates that meet the criteria. If you know of another date that meets the above criteria and should be included or if there is a date listed that does not meet the criteria and should not be included, please contact the Office of Diversity and Equity at (203) 837-8278.  We welcome your input. If you know of additional resources, please let us know. Conversely, please inform us of any websites that we may have chosen to explain a particular day, which may be culturally insensitive

Best practices for using this calendar as a tool

  • Celebrate heritage or history months or other cultural days with speakers, displays, and special foods.
  • Keep these dates in mind when scheduling classes, work, deadlines, meetings, and events.
  • Give consideration that a scheduled event might exclude individuals or unintentionally force them to participate in certain events.


Office of Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs coordinates programs, support services, and activities for various student clubs/associations that enhance the educational experience of a diverse student population.

Please contact Mr. Daryle Dennis, Assistant Dean by email dennisdat (203) 837-8549 for more information.


Multicultural/Minority Scholarships and Grants

Every year, the Office of Diversity and Equity updates the available information to everyone about the list of scholarships and grants available.

Grant No.
Name: Web Link:
1. Ron Brown Scholar Program
2. Harry S. Truman Scholarships
3. Hispanic Scholarship Fund
4. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships
5. RMHC U.S. Scholarships
6. Academy for Educational Development Fellowships
7. American Institute of CPAs Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students
8. ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship
9. The Roothbert Fund
10. Coca Cola Scholarships
11. State Farms Hispanic Scholarships
12. McNair Scholars Program
13. National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program
14. Catching the Dream Scholarship Program
15. NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Graduate Scholarship
16. Leonard M. Perryman Communications Scholarship
17. Intel Science Talent Search
18. Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award
19. Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program
20. APA Scholarships and Grants
21. Americorps Funding Opportunities
22. American Sociological Association Minority Fellowship Program
23. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
24. Dell Scholars Program
25. Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships
26. The Herbert Lehman Education Fund Scholarships
27. INROADS Internships
28. Horatio Alger Scholarships
29. Jackie Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
30. DoSomething Scholarships
31. Proofreading, LLC Scholarship Program
32. P.L.A.Y. scholarships
33. Kim and Harold Louie Scholarship
34. CANFIT Scholarships
35. The Surety Foundation Minority Intern and Scholarship Program
36. Smithsonian Minority Awards Program-Internship
37. Dr. Juan Andrade Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders–juan-andrade-scholarship-for-young-hispanic-leaders/1004012
38. ALA Spectrum Scholarships
39. LaGrant Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship
40. NACA Foundation Scholarships
41. Scholarship America
42. AXA Achievement Community Award
43. Ronald Reagan Foundation Scholarship Programs
44. Buick Achievers Scholarship Program
45. Ford Blue Oval Scholars Scholarships


These websites are subject to change without our knowledge, so please report broken or non-functioning links to the University Office of Diversity and Equity at (203) 837-8278.

Lactation Rooms/Spaces on Midtown/West Side Campuses (more information coming soon)

WCSU has clean, private and comfortable space for nursing mothers.  If the room(s) listed below are not convenient, The Office of Diversity and Equity will also work with students, employees and members of the WCSU community to find an alternative, appropriate space.

Midtown Campus

White Hall, 1st Floor Clerk Lounge (in progress)

To access the lactation space, please contact a member of the Office of Diversity and Equity either by phone at (203) 837-8444 or by email at




                                                       Westside Campus

TBD (to be announced/updated on or after March 1, 2019)