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Facilities Operations

Health, Fire and Safety Inspections Residence Halls

Each month, members of the Housing & Residence Life staff will inspect your rooms or apartments for health, fire, and safety reasons. The inspection dates will not be posted. Please keep in mind that your room or apartment will be inspected with or without you present. (Be aware that your room or apartment can be entered at any time by housing staff if it is felt that there is an emergency or impending danger to you, your roommate(s), or University property).

Violations of University policy will be noted on the Health, Fire and Safety Inspection forms and you will be given a written copy of the form in order to allow you to rectify the violation(s). If you have a violation, you will be given 72 hours to rectify it. Dangerous or illegal items may be confiscated during inspections. After this time, your room will be re-inspected by the Assistant Director for Judicial Affairs and Residential Education and your Resident Director.

All initially noted violations will result in a written warning, regardless of whether or not you remedy the situation. If you do not take care of the violation, you will be charged in the University Judicial Process, and a further sanction (restitution, probation, community service, and/or separation) may result. Additionally, if violations are found at subsequent inspections, you will be referred to the judicial system immediately to face the possible sanctions listed above.

In essence, you are expected to keep your living space in a clean and safe condition at all times.